• There is nothing bad or abnormal about this, especially if it has always been the norm for you.
  • Hope you feel better.
  • The bowel movement you're referring to right after you eat isn't the food from the meal going through you. It's waste from a prior meal being pushed along by the introduction of your most recent meal into your digestive system. It's a completely normal process. If you want less waste, you might try changing your diet. While some waste is inevitable, the body eliminates only what it can't use. A diet rich in protein and nutrients can minimize the amount of waste your body produces.
  • heey im with yeah on that one buddy i shit about 6 times a day on average.
  • i agree with jaydot tonight i found out that i'm constipated and that i've clearly been constipated for most of my life.. but that's okay because i was just looking at pictures of logs on google images and realized what a nasty habbit it is.. so don't feel bad okay? as a matter of fact i'm prairy doggin' right now.. hope you feel better :P
  • veedot your so lucky sometimes i wish i was constipated, phht even if i was constipated my shit would find a way out prob out through my dick, but anyways yeah when i take dumps its like iv dies and gone to heaven the smell is just over whelming and breth taking, like the other day i was in a micy dees and the boys bathroom was closed so i took a wet and wiled dump in the ladies room, i was crapping a little 5 year old girl came in and sat in the stall beside me and started to cry so i did to because it made me think how wonderfull it really was so i looked under the stall and said i feel the same way it was just great to be able to poop and be aprriciated at the saame time.
  • it's good that you worked your self-confidence up enough to be able to appreciate the nasty habbit of taking narsty wild shits.. especially in the heavenly like place of mcdonalds. pooping is a natural habbit so i don't want all yall to be shy and embarassed? even though it is BEEEYOND nasty, everyone does it, everyones smells ripe.. and theres nothing you can do about it. so deal with it and you may as well enjoy it.. and try not to cover it up with airwick or lysol because it just takes the appreciation right out of it, and makes it less fun.. plus than the people in the same house as you don't get to enjoy the deliciousness of the scent. okay? pce bro..

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