• The easiest way is to get married, then he is in on the home. If you aren't married I wouldn't suggest having him buy in on the home.
  • I would love to marry my boyfriend ,but I am a widow with 2 kids,if I marry ,I lose a lot of money a month which is now paying the bills on my home like taxes, water,septic,phone and general upkeap..ain't cheap to keep a home up! I would like him to buy into my home,its paid for. He is paying me rent,but wants to be a co-owner in my home. He would rather buy into my home than pay rent,it would be an ivesment for him and a benefit for me. Any help,all help welcome!
  • don't do it
  • Sounds like you both have an acceptable arrangement and you have an extra source of income. What is your boyfriend hoping to get out of it? A free ride? If your not married, don't tie yourself down when things are working as they are. You have to take care of yourself first and foremost until he is ready to make that life long commitment.
  • You're making your live-in boyfriend of 3 years pay rent?
  • you might have to talk to someone in real estate about it

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