• No. The US has a veto so the UN is powerless. The UN has criticised the US for illegal embargoes, sanctions acts of terrorism for 50 years but what can they do? Send UN troops into Washington and arrest the criminals in congress? Nice idea on paper-but not likely to happen.
  • Yes, but that would involve the US, Russia, and the other top 5 to completely agree. Will that every happen? Very unlikely.
  • It's a paper tiger.
  • They can spend money on programs - some of which do so good. They can organize peace-keeping missions when asked. There are some things they can do.
  • No. They act too slow, respond with words and when they actually give a scenario in which the US can invade another country they get upset when we do it.
  • The U.N. is pretty much a joke.
  • haha! The US has already defaulted on the money it owes the UN!
  • I am not sure of the power they have,but I think they should have a lot more.The veto power should be taken away from all countries.When votes are taken on a subject that is helpful to the world,then the countries should be regulated to follow the measures won in the vote.
  • They may have some power to do some good in the world, but they have no balls to actually step out and do it, which makes it worse than if they had no power at all.
  • Yes. They have the power to be corrupt, steal money, and rape citizens of other countries. They are a farce that should be disbanded.
  • It does, but the presence of the United States as an economic superpower limits whatever power it should have in a large way. Don't attack the UN, attack the US.
  • It sure doesn't seem like it. But it gives the leaders a reason to get together and hang out.
  • Yes. It is the forefront of the establishment of the new world order to slave societies. My 2 cents.
  • The General Assembly has the power to send U.N. Blue Helmets to crisis areas. If you get the majority of the P 5 to back something, it'll most likely get done. Even if the United Nations can be incompetent to make groundbreaking change it is a great political platform in which countries large and small get their voices heard and understood on a global level. One of the greatest problems in the world is lack of patience and understanding between countries in conflict. BY studying the UN I have found that many of my misconceptions about international conflicts ill-based and hyped by media partisanship. The UN has made great leaps in Near and Middle East conflicts, water scarcity and deforestation in Saharan Africa, along with a myriad of global health progresses.
  • The UN is totally useless. Abolish the UN! Demolish their building down to the bottom of the East River! My 2 cents.
  • If the members of the security council agree on a particular decision, it is capable of anything under the world
  • Absolutely. They can write many strongly worded letter of condemnation. That's really about it.
  • they might
  • Yup, grab as much money and run!
  • Limited power

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