• i use ground turkey because i don't eat 4 legged animals. i also use the leanest ground turkey available because it just makes sense to have less fat if it's an option.
  • I do not like cooking and I know the turkey is better for you but i have never seen ground Turkey in England so if I am forced to cook meat i use the leanest ground Beef and then drain any fat that may remain after browning.
  • I use gr. turkey, chicken, beef and bison. Very lean gr. beef when I use it. It just depends on the dish, what's on hand and what I'm in the mood to use.
  • I use turkey. It's better for you, cheaper, and I think it tastes better as well.
  • Where do you find either of them on the ground?
  • Beef. How can you make an authentic Bolognese, chilli or Cottage Pie with turkey?
  • I think turkey has too pronounced a flavor to sub for beef so we rarely use it and very often it has a higher fat content around here because they add the skin! We usually grind our own beef, from the part of the cow we want for the recipe. We can pick which part, how much fat and if we want fat in it, we'd rather cut out all the beef fat and add back some nice pork fat. It's tastier and doesn't have that odd flavor beef fat can have. We do prefer venison over beef. My husband usually gets 1-2 deer a year and then we don't need to buy any beef at all for the year. Elk is even better and leaner than venison. If we have rabbits, we grind that as well. The only ground turkey we use is wild turkey and it's flavor is great for meatloaf.
  • I prefer ground beef. Turkey is not a viable substitute for me.
  • If it requires ground beef, I'll probably use ground beef. I never had a turkey burger before. =P But it can't hurt to experiment!
  • I like ground beef but due to the Mad Cow disease my wife is hesitant and buying beef. So turkey it is!!!
  • It depends on what kind of mood I'm in. I've developed recipes that can use either/or. I try to keep my consumption of red meat down, so lately I've been using turkey more.
  • I'm a beef guy.
  • I prefer a charred ground sirloin flavor....but if I'm adding it to 6 other flavors and it'll be lost, might as well go with the turkey.
  • Either ground beef or a mix of ground beef and ground turkey. I never use just ground turkey.
  • Beef, it's what's for dinner... +3
  • I prefer ground meat/beef.
  • Beef. +5

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