• Proactiv's Refining Mask works wonders I'm told. You could try investing in a kit to see if it improves your skin. And drink more water.
  • Wash twice a day with acne soap and use acne medicated lotion. Don't touch your forehead with your hands and as embarassing as it might be for awhile keep your hair pulled back so the oils and bacteria don't aggrevate it. I had this too and once I let my hair grow out and pulled it back I didn't get as many break outs.
  • Mine has never been broken out before either except when I was pregnant. When it started again a few years later for no reason I had to find out why. Turns out it was mostly from my recent decision to quit smoking. Aparently the toxins from smoking willstart to release themselves anywhere they can and your face is one of the most common places. But lots of other things like any change in your diet or simple things like your makeup might have gotten something in it and now its irritating your face. I don't know but if you wash it with something gentle it should clear up. I have never washed my face with anything but my shampoo except for a short time when I tried Proativ. I have always had a very clear face other than the pregnancy and the quitting smoking ordeal. Good Luck!
  • I know this is gonna sound gay but TRY THAT PROACTIV! I broke out since I was 13...Im 23 now and didnt think it would work for me so I never tried it til recently and its a effin savior! I swear, I never wanna use anything else. I also dont eat crap, take vitamins,drink water instead of soda cuz sugars bad for your skin and exercise cuz sweat gets rid of toxins. Just dont workout with makeup on. If you tried alot of over the counter products and they arent working... Get this stuff, just the overnight repairing lotion is a miracle in itself! I did havta wait 2 months to see a dramatic difference tho. Good luck
  • try Seriesse Skincare be Jennifer Stallone, incredible products with incredible results!Jennifer started with her acne line> Clear Essentials < to deal with her own personal acne issues, check it out at
  • Try avoiding soda and sweets, get plenty of rest to allow the body to self-heal; eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables daily (eliminates pesticides from your system) and avoid, at all times, fried foods and junk food; (i.e. even if you do so already, take even better care of yourself). Topically, wash with warm water & soap and pat dry (before bed); try applying tea-tree oil and tea-tree anti-acne cream (note: lower grades may irritate the skin); the Melaleuca company has high grade tea-tree oil, if you know anyone who orders from them (membership); I had adult acne and virtually eliminated it with this system. :)
  • How about one of these?
  • Drink LOTS of water, and don't eat so much sugar and refined carbs (bleached flour, etc). Cut the fast food and junk food out of your diet, too.
  • My 17-year-old was breaking out badly on the forehead when she was about 15. She's tried different products, but had the best results with Glytone (which can be ordered on the internet). It costs a little more than over-the-counter, but the results really made a difference to her self esteem her when her skin cleared.
  • It could just be hormonal although that is usually around the chin area. Try Nutrimetics foaming cleansers I found that they were great.
  • I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub, it makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. It's best to use it in the morning and before going to sleep everyday, it's cheap and it works :)
  • It sounds really dumb but you could try swimming a public pool every day. I had horrible acne in middle school. It was caused by having very oily skin. The dermatologist that my parents took me to was unable to clear it up. He did say don't pick the pimples, drink a lot of water and that eating chocolate has nothing to do with it. I joined the swimteam a few months after I stopped going to the dermatologist. Being in the heavily cholorinated water for several hours a day dried my skin out and the acne cleared up.
  • Experience has taught me: As a teen I too had some acne problems. My father was a Dr (MD) and for years tried to get me to drink more water and use less oils (like french fries etc.). Later in life when i took personal responsability for my own health and choices... i discovered that he was counceling me in truth. Now (for over 35 years +) my intake of water (other fluids do not count) is at about 1 gallon of distilled water a day!! ...and from the time that i started this habbit till now; 1. I have had only 3 days of sickness 2. My skin has been totaly clear 3. (after learning that the difference between 2 glasses of water and 4 glasses of water per day my energy level doubles!! what a discovery) My available energy has been multiplied and multiplied again!! JOY
  • I dont know by experience but I have heard that sea salt will clear your skin.
  • If you have bangs or long hair try wearing them off your face. Also, head & shoulders shampoo used on the bang area will help clean the oils that are hitting your forehead. See if you can see a dermatologist and get an Rx for Retanoid cream. It will clear things up very quickly. Facials help a lot too.
  • If the problem is mainly around your forehead, you probably have tiny bumps and lots of them, no pustules and it might even itch. This is NOT acne, you are having a reaction to either hairspray or a hare care product and its getting on the bangs or the hair close to your forehead. Please try an unscented hairspray or different hair care products and walla! It will clear up pretty quick. In the mean time a dab of over the counter Hydrocortizone cream massaged in a thin layer 2 times a day just where the bumps are will speed the process. If you just cant give up your hair spray buy a plastic hairspray shield at your local beauty supply store, looks like a clear plastic mirror with a handle, and hold it over your face and forehead as you apply the hairspray, do not remove it till the hairspray is dry. However if it is the hairspray and your bangs touch your forehead the hairspray will likely still get on the skin there when you prespire and the shield may not work. Hydrocortisone cream should never be used for more than a week at a time without taking a break. It stops the immune response that is an allergic reaction and if you use it too long you will get a skin infection there but for short term use it will stop the itching and make the bumps go away till you find a product you are not allegic to. The second and third most likely culprits are hair pomades and gels or your shampoo or conditioner but in most cases it's the hairspray. Good luck. have a beautiful Day! Jo Paramedical Aestitician
  • Strange, i get acne only in my neck and under my cheeks, i never get it on the forehead... anyway, keep your skin very clean and if u can, use a cream against skin infections
  • STOP THE SUGAR. That includes carbs and fruit in high quantities. Drink A wHOOOLE lot more water and exercise. What you need to do is get RID of the toxins. Builds up are what you are seeing on your face.
  • Oil absorbing sheets, acne cream, daily washes, more sleep. If this is still unsolvable, try to grow out bangs, while you wait =]
  • Make a solution of one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water wash with that twice a day

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