• Way overrated! I don't like it when people are all ' like my t-shirt it's prada', and I really don't care! With the money used to buy some pair of jeans you could have saved someone's life from famine or disease. Also what's the big deal about clothes anyways they're just there to cover your body, Lets Get Naked!!
  • no, but thats only because im not a fan of labels. i'd rather make my own clothing & wear american apparel than anything else but i do love designer clothes as long as they're outlandish and crazy like me.
  • Overrated
  • Question: Are all designer clothes made by the designer him/herself or are many of the clothes 'pret a-porter'? The designer might design the cut and lines but the 'making' of the piece might be done in large warehouses by many persons. Haute Couture might be the ONLY piece the designer makes to finish.. And those pieces could run 10's of thousands...
  • Hi, I am the fan of the label because it looks different in your society. Designer clothes are better because not only do they help you to feel great, they help you to look your very best.
  • i never wear them

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