• 98% of the time they have to match
  • I am very lazy with socks and do not really use them to jazz up what I am wearing. As a result I have white athletic socks to wear with tennis shoes and black socks to wear with everything else and that's ALL my socks. I replace all my white socks or all my blacks socks at the same time to be sure they all match. Life is easy.
    • Roaring
      Good simple strategy.
    • Linda Joy
      Agreed. He's smart.
  • Time for me to throw away many stragglers I have in the dresser. I have periodically worn mismatched socks. My yoga students got a good chuckle out of this once a while ago.
    • Linda Joy
      I use cotton ones for dusting, wearing them like gloves. I've also done this for cleaning. Sometimes they work better than a loose cloth.
  • It have to match. I once tried using a mismatched sock on my younger days cause I've seen some doing it and it looks cool to them, but as I wore it, it looks awkward, feels awkward and I am not comfortable with it.
  • I try to wear matching socks, but if one has gone walkabout and I'm in a hurry I'll grab odd ones.
  • You just blew my mind. Your question made me realize that I'm ocd about same sock pairings. Mismatched socks stand out, and they bother me.
    • Linda Joy
      I was surprised to see prominent tv actors wearing mismatched socks, Ie: Abby Schuto and Spencer Reid. Granted Abby is a nonconformist, but Reid?
  • I never cared much as my shoes and pant legs hide them. Tee he he he.
    • Ebenezer Stonehenge
      Ha haha!
  • All my socks are the same make and style and white so I don't have those problems.
    • Ebenezer Stonehenge
      Yeah when I get too old to notice myself that is what I,ll do..Lol
  • i rnatch thern
  • Most definitely they have to match or else, I will start creating dysfunctional dressing habits.
    • Linda Joy
      Am I seeing a little ocd? hahaha. I just crochetted a pair of socks to match the colors in my shoes! But I may have to wait for winter to wear them.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Perhaps. It is nice to think that appearances don't matter, but they usually do depending on how you carry yourself.

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