• 98% of the time they have to match
  • I am very lazy with socks and do not really use them to jazz up what I am wearing. As a result I have white athletic socks to wear with tennis shoes and black socks to wear with everything else and that's ALL my socks. I replace all my white socks or all my blacks socks at the same time to be sure they all match. Life is easy.
    • Roaring
      Good simple strategy.
    • Linda Joy
      Agreed. He's smart.
  • Time for me to throw away many stragglers I have in the dresser. I have periodically worn mismatched socks. My yoga students got a good chuckle out of this once a while ago.
    • Linda Joy
      I use cotton ones for dusting, wearing them like gloves. I've also done this for cleaning. Sometimes they work better than a loose cloth.
  • It have to match. I once tried using a mismatched sock on my younger days cause I've seen some doing it and it looks cool to them, but as I wore it, it looks awkward, feels awkward and I am not comfortable with it.
  • I try to wear matching socks, but if one has gone walkabout and I'm in a hurry I'll grab odd ones.
  • You just blew my mind. Your question made me realize that I'm ocd about same sock pairings. Mismatched socks stand out, and they bother me.
    • Linda Joy
      I was surprised to see prominent tv actors wearing mismatched socks, Ie: Abby Schuto and Spencer Reid. Granted Abby is a nonconformist, but Reid?
  • I never cared much as my shoes and pant legs hide them. Tee he he he.
    • Cry me a River
      Ha haha!
  • All my socks are the same make and style and white so I don't have those problems.
    • Cry me a River
      Yeah when I get too old to notice myself that is what I,ll do..Lol
  • i rnatch thern
  • Most definitely they have to match or else, I will start creating dysfunctional dressing habits.
    • Linda Joy
      Am I seeing a little ocd? hahaha. I just crochetted a pair of socks to match the colors in my shoes! But I may have to wait for winter to wear them.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Perhaps. It is nice to think that appearances don't matter, but they usually do depending on how you carry yourself.
    • Linda Joy
      Matter to whom? I don't care what anyone thinks of me.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      It matters to me in a judgmental world. You can leave the house to go to the bank, the grocery store or the mall in pajama pants with mismatched socks and loafers. Since you don't care what people think of you, I can't make you start caring by having some pride in yourself. What you do is your problem.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, yeah, in your 20's you care what everyone thinks about you. In your 40's you stop caring what everyone thinks about you. In your 60's you realize no one was thinking about you anyway. But you are a narcissist so you will probably always live under the delusion people are thinking about you... and positively at that!
  • My socks will always match. 11-22-19
  • My mother always taught me to wear matching socks. No holes. What happens if you end up in a hospital and you have holes in your socks, kid?
  • I wear only white socks and buy them all the time in one shop. So they all are similar but most possibly I wear socks from different pairs.
  • They have to match. I hate mismatched socks.
  • I only wear one brand of socks and they are always white.
  • I wouldn't say that they HAVE to match, but it's extremely rare that I wear non-matching socks. Maybe once a year? And even then: they're the same color, just not exactly the same sock.
  • Matching socks is unimportant to me. I will wear mismatched as long as they are clean.
  • matching
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