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  • It's about even for me. My feet sweat profusely when wearing socks and shoes. STANK!!!
  • Wool fibers are different from cotton fibers. If my memory serves, wool fibers are sort of hollow, allowing for ventilation.
  • Wool can absorb three times its weight in water before it even starts to feel wet. It has great insulation properties and will keep your feet warm even when its wet. It dries faster as well and has natural antimicrobial properties which in turn reduces bacteria and smell. It also lasts over 6.5 times longer than cotton. But they should be hand washed and laid flat to dry, or socks your size will shrink to become thicker socks in my size!
    • Roaring
      Lets hear it for natural fibers. Go wool! I paid $20 for a pair of locally produced Alpaca wool socks. They are so worth it.
  • Cotton socks are light and breathable, but wool socks are known to keep your feet dry and warm no matter how much you sweat.

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