• I agree too. We mostly live and die by our decisions. Learning from our mistakes is part of living too.
  • Interesting-but I have to disagree because I have made choices that I wanted to make- yet they have turned out to have very bad outcomes. I think when people have a strong emotion- like desire for something- logic tends to fly out the window. Conventional wisdom offers the advice "Be careful what you wish for- you might just get it"
  • I have a similar philosophy, I believe that ,... Our past makes us who we are today, therefore have no regrets, less you regret your whole existance as a waste of time.
  • I don't agree totally because for me I made choices when I was not mentally capable of making them -
  • Not entirely true... Some choices that you make, don't make you happy. Some things just don't turn out the way that you expect them to, and those are the choices we often regret.
  • i think i go along with " never regret something that made u smile" so i must disagree a bit
  • stupid quote. not true.
  • Sounds pretty neat if one doesn't think about it too much.
  • That's an interesting quote. However, I don't think that ruminating on the quote would change the fact that I was stupid to want something that I regretted having later.
  • Its a great quote and ideally I would live my life by it sadly there are some things I have done that were not exactly what I wanted at the time and I do regret it. Even some things I know I did want I look back and regret now, not due necessarily to my own feelings but to anothers that I may have hurt. Like I said in an ideal world I would love to live by that rule, sadly for me its just too hard.
  • I agree with this because rather it turns out good or bad,you wanted it. Not only that, but everything in our life helps to build the person we become. I did a lot of things I am ashamed of, but I learned a lesson from those experiences. Those lessons have given me what I need to help my children and others so they might not make the same mistakes. They have built me up to be the person I am today and I kinda like her.
  • i think so your biggest regrets are allways the things you dont do.
  • I kind of agree with it. Sometimes you regret things because you didn't do what you wanted. I try not to regret things because I really love the person I am today and without all my mistakes and failures, I wouldn't be me!
  • i think its true too

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