• Well.... not really. Everyone becomes less progressive as they get older. Thus the younger generation becomes more and more "scary" as you get older. Thus older people harken back to older times and the right wing ideals of keeping things as their rose coloured views would have it.
    • Linda Legion
      Interesting J, thanks for your input, makes sense.
  • No. Wingers need more pace and are best suited for youngsters. The elderly go in goal or become centre halves.
    • Linda Legion
      Very good Jessica -Jane. I wondered what you meant at first, but I got there in the end. Tee-her.
    • Beaker Five-O
      I'm happy for you !
  • The political pendulum swings back and forth. I am nearly 60 and there is no movement toward the "right wing". If anything these times have emboldened the progressive stance and involvement. Over the years the parties have shifted around where now they are stuck in the same rut of excessive influence from big money donors. Those reps that reject pac's and only take individual donations hold my greatest interest.
  • it probably depends on the person since everyone is different
  • Not for me. I think I used to be more conservative than I am now that I have suffered illness and homelessness. I'm more interested in helping others through their challenges. I used to think if I could work my butt off as a single parent on minimum wage and manage to pay my bills everyone should be able to do the same. I thought people who weren't working weren't trying, they were just being lazy and trying to get something for nothing. And some of them are. Some don't know any other way, its how they were raised. Others have physical and mental illnesses they have no control over. Some of them weren't blessed with the abilities I had. Some just need a hand up so they can once again take care of themselves. But its the children I weep for the most. Sometimes in life people need help. And some individuals will always need help. But overall I'm still fairly conservative. I believe in personal accountability for ones' actions.
    • Roaring
      Beautifully said Linda Joy
    • pipey
      I'm curious what you think about the current crop of Republicans refusing to take even the slightest personal responsibility for their actions, blaming others, saying their illegal activities either aren't wrong because everyone is doing it or don't matter for one reason or another. Like the AG in South Dakota who killed a man walking down the highway and is now blaming the victim, or the AG in Texas being investigated for numerous illegal activities brushing off the charges as if they don't mean anything.
    • Army Veteran
      There's hardly anything you said that represents a political view. Working for minimum wage isn't the result of political issues. If a person desires above minimum wage then they should educate themselves to make them worth more. No reflection on you, but you hear all the time (especially from the African-American community) how there are no opportunities open to them. This is a lie, and there are a lot of successful African-Americans to prove it. A lot stems from motivation. Most people have the mindset that once they finish high school (those who do, anyway), they don't need to learn anything else - and the "No Child Left Behind" Act hasn't helped. Physical and mental illnesses can't be blamed on politics. But children have become the victims - the victims of political correctness that has done nothing but confuse them even more over the last few decades.
  • That is kind of a general, broad brushing belief, and as will every generality, there are exceptions. I know of many, many exceptions, so I have to disagree.
  • Not sure. In my case, I began as an Independent in my twenties. I voted according to whichever candidate had the best stand, meaning the most views I agreed with. I don't recall exactly when, but a time came when I started to notice the Democrats had less and less to offer a centrist. I'd guess their drift to the whacko Left started sometime in the 1980s. I voted for their candidates less and less, and by the 1990s it was rare. Sometime around then the centrists of the Democrat Party was expelled, and infested the Republican Party as NeoCons (or as I call them, undercover double agents of the democrats). With zero excuses to vote for the leftist controlled democrats, and very limited incentive to vote for the NeoCon contaminated Republicans, my drift to the right-wing was insured. I'd say my continued drift to the "right-wing" is not so much the result of me getting older, as it was a response to the leftardation of the democrats, and libtardation of the republicans.
    • Army Veteran
      Democrats have had less to offer for much longer than that - they have been anti-American since they brought slavery to America. Woodrow Wilson sold America out in WW1 and FDR was a traitor who provoked the attack on Pearl Harbor just to get America involved in WW2 - it was he who opened the door to Communism.
    • Franco333
      Maybe, but once upon a time they would come up with stuff I agreed with, at least individual candidates would....but that was long ago and far away...a different time and different place.
    • pipey
      The Republican Party didn't even bother with a platform in 2020. They had nothing to offer.
    • Franco333
      You can lay that one squarely on the doorstep of the double-agent of many examples of their running interference for their still beloved alma mater, sabotage of the Republican Party from within, and (of course!) backstabbing Trump at every opportunity. The Republican Party had Trump to offer (his platform was very clear), and so had nothing they wanted to offer, thanks to the turncoats within, that desperately wanted to hand victory to their (former?) team DNC!
  • Knowing what is right or wrong is not a political issue - it's a moral one that is exploited by politicians. The media is a valuable tool in the wrong hands. It's a tool of manipulation that controls what people believe, leading them to support one political side or the other. I was raised with Conservative values and I have neither increased nor decreased them - I just know what is right and what is wrong.
  • The general quote says if you're not conservative by 35, you have no brain. Just sayin'.
    • pipey
      Quote from a conservative, of course.
  • I'm black so being a Democrat was pretty knee jerk. but when I bought my first house, I changed parties. I also started listening to Rush Limbaugh because I wanted to know what those mean Republicans (namely Reagan) had in store for me and I wanted to be ready. I was surprised when I agreed with almost everything Rush was talking about; patriotism, capitalism, legal immigration, and getting rid of liberal academia that brainwashes our children to believe in socialism. It takes you to get to your 30's to realize the left is corrupt and power mad.
  • It depends on the individual. I am 70 years old, and I've always been liberal
  • I believe that some younger people that go to college learn the left wing of thinking. Then when you live in the real world, the right wing makes more sense.
    • Charin Cross
      true dat! : )
    • pipey
      "The secret of freedom lies in educating people whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant." - Maximillian Robespierre. It's no secret why conservatives prefer an uneducated populace. The uneducated are far easier to fool and manipulate.
    • Franco333
      Just as it is no secret (well, other than maybe to you) why the leftards & libturds prefer an indoctrinated populace, where brainwashing begins at kindergarten, continues via the entertainment industry, culminates in college, and is reinforced by the MSM throughout life. It is also no secret why the rampant censorship of conservatives is so necessary....when your tired leftist crap cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas, it becomes imperative to establish a monopoly, and eliminate (or silence) the competition.
  • not true
  • No, not at all. I'm over 60 and a rather large number of friends in my age cohort have said that they're getting more and more liberal as they get older. I'm sure it's true for some, but it's by no means universal.
  • yes. you have to be completely brain dead to see defunding the police, only the US paying for the Paris Accord, going green by 2020, not prosecuting the people who are shoplifting with impunity and basically for a society to not have any consequences to bad and treasonous behavior! these are all the things the left believe. right wingers believe in the Constitution.
    • pipey
      Right wingers only believe in the second amendment. They don't believe in freedom of the press, they're actively trying to make protesting illegal, they want to make freedom of assembly illegal for the "wrong" people, they want to install a dictator, and they want to suppress voting rights for minorities. A few years ago on July 4 a reporter showed the Bill of Rights to several people and asked what they thought of it, and most said they thought it was a radical leftist proposal that went too far. Most conservatives don't seem to have any idea what's in the constitution, given that they think the document establishes Christianity as the state religion and that there's something in it that outlaws public health measures.
  • Not for me. I have remained a moderate for my entire voting life. My first time to vote was in 72, after I got out of the army. I registered democrat and voted for Mc Govern. I usually voted for the dems for several years until they just went so far left I no longer thought they actually represented me and my politics any more. So, I registered as an independent for awhile, but I couldn't vote for anybody other than my party nominee in the primary, and I couldn't see them really getting anything other that some local elections. So I started to vote repub. I stuck with them until the T-Party took it over. When Ted Cruz and his crew shut down the govt in 2013 over a political stunt, I realized they had finally gone so far right that they didn't represent me any more either. So, now I am a "no party selected" voter. I haven't really changed my outlook on things, but the party's have become so polarized that I don't want anything to do with any of them.
  • you do become more conservative but believe in fairness
  • Actually, I think people are getting less tolerant of the stupidity that has reigned in the past decades. The "No Child Left Behind" Act was detrimental to society in that it allowed kids to graduate high school without an adequate education. From there, they had kids who never learned anything because they had no educated role models. Bill Gates was the one responsible for the so-called "New Math" that turned simple equations into nightmares that no one could understand - and the Left forced it on the kids. These are the people that older people who were raised properly have to put up with. And it's the uneducated that are easily influenced by the Left.
  • Hard to say. Would I have switched from being Independent to hard Right if the DNC had not gone totally commie-socialist leftard wacko, eliminating themselves as a viable option, and counterbalance? Sounds like a nature vs nurture question.
  • I'm neither right-wing or left-wing. Contrary to popular belief: old age can be an open-minded and enlightening time.
  • Usually...NO!!! Many start to think more moderately but only a small percentage flip completely right. The more you see, the more you know!!!
  • Getting more right wing as once gets older isn't necessarily true. For me its overgeneralizing. My uncle was in his 70s and was very left wing.
  • Not true for me. I'm more liberal.

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