• Well.... not really. Everyone becomes less progressive as they get older. Thus the younger generation becomes more and more "scary" as you get older. Thus older people harken back to older times and the right wing ideals of keeping things as their rose coloured views would have it.
    • Linda Legion
      Interesting J, thanks for your input, makes sense.
  • No. Wingers need more pace and are best suited for youngsters. The elderly go in goal or become centre halves.
    • Linda Legion
      Very good Jessica -Jane. I wondered what you meant at first, but I got there in the end. Tee-her.
    • Beaker Five-O
      I'm happy for you !
  • The political pendulum swings back and forth. I am nearly 60 and there is no movement toward the "right wing". If anything these times have emboldened the progressive stance and involvement. Over the years the parties have shifted around where now they are stuck in the same rut of excessive influence from big money donors. Those reps that reject pac's and only take individual donations hold my greatest interest.
  • it probably depends on the person since everyone is different
  • Not for me. I think I used to be more conservative than I am now that I have suffered illness and homelessness. I'm more interested in helping others through their challenges. I used to think if I could work my butt off as a single parent on minimum wage and manage to pay my bills everyone should be able to do the same. I thought people who weren't working weren't trying, they were just being lazy and trying to get something for nothing. And some of them are. Some don't know any other way, its how they were raised. Others have physical and mental illnesses they have no control over. Some of them weren't blessed with the abilities I had. Some just need a hand up so they can once again take care of themselves. But its the children I weep for the most. Sometimes in life people need help. And some individuals will always need help. But overall I'm still fairly conservative. I believe in personal accountability for ones' actions.
    • Roaring
      Beautifully said Linda Joy
  • That is kind of a general, broad brushing belief, and as will every generality, there are exceptions. I know of many, many exceptions, so I have to disagree.

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