• Not as well as they used to.That's why there are so many divorces in our present day
  • I think they understand what they are committing to. They just don't want to respect it, because they want their own pleasure primarily.
  • Not in this day and age its too easy to get a divorce!
  • I think for the most part they do not. The high divorce rate bears this out.
  • Well I did and 40 years later I still mean it.
  • based on the high incidence of adultery and divorce, i think the answer is NO
  • I think its more of a custom that we have. We are blinded by the feelings we feel at the moment and think that we are really going to be happily ever after. But the world is a tempting place
  • Weddings seem like shows. They are expensive and effort is put into useless things like limos and cake. Seriously, save the cash for your honeymoon! In Mission Impossible 3, the wedding in that movie is what I want mine to be like! Unfortunately in the story they were already living together. Making the commitment is when that is supposed to start. If you do that before you have made the commitment then problems can occur. It's even more like a show when they say I do and stuff. Instead they should mix it up, like, Oh, yeah! or Heck YES!(napoleon dynamite fans) or Why would I not? Of course there are serious people who know what they are saying, and then there are those who do not.
  • Some do but I would say that the majority do not seem to understand what committment means. The idea of a lifetime committment is therefore totally beyond their comprehension. The fact that a wedding is either in Church or before a Commissioner of Oaths does not seem to matter very much to many people today.
  • I think that most believe that wedding vows are forced on them by religious beliefs and don't believe or care for the set of rote vows they give.
  • im a newly wed and yes i am fully aware of what i am committing to. i never would have got married if i wasnt 100% sure i could adhere to every word of my vows. that is my personal opinion though. i cant answer for other people.
  • Not now. Too many people get married for all the wrong reasons and have no intention of following through. Or take them seriously.
  • I think they often do, but it's very difficult to maintain the committment in the face of the instant gratification, and lack of consequences found in today's society. In the past, people's expectations of life with someone else were different than now. I've been married 32 years and still going strong.
  • I think people who make a commitment AND say their wedding vows really do understand. It's those people who don't really do the commitment thing, those people who are in it for the fancy occasion and the dress and pleasing the family, getting the spouse, the house, the gifts, those are the people who haven't a clue what they are getting into. But I think those of us who thought long and hard about it, who talked about the future and goals and beliefs with our intended and realized it would work, it would be worth committing to, this was what we wanted to do for a lifetime, we knew what we were doing. And we've been doing it for over 34 years, happily, and we still spend 24/7 with each other and cherish each day we have. We wouldn't have it any other way.
  • I believe most people do. I did. I also understood VERY clearly what I was NOT committing to. I also iterated these things - these conditions - very clearly to the person I married. I did not commit to remaining with that person no matter how he treated me. I did not vow to stay with him whether or not he completely ignored all my feelings, needs, and goals. I did not commit to staying with him no matter his infidelity. I did not commit to staying with him no matter his verbal, physical, and other abuse that he took no responsibility for and did not intend upon ending. I did not commit to cleaning up after him for his life. I'm not his mother. Thus, the marriage ended.
  • My ex-husband didn't. Neither did his mistress, evidently.
  • Some do. Some don't. Some could care less.
  • No, I think if they spent as much time, money and effort on what they are going to need to make the marriage work, instead of how their wedding is going to look, for a couple of hours, we wouldn't have as many divorces.
  • Yes, my marriage was very small and we did exactly what we wanted, we also wrote our own vows. But I agree with AntigoneRising, there are things I did not agree to. I committed to a lifetime with my partner, but if he can not uphold his commitment to me I no longer see any reason to continue. I understand counsellings, therapy etc but once its all done and nothign changes why should you stay?
  • Depends on the person I guess. I do.

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