• I think it was a comedy routine and does not really exist.
  • I grew up in Buffalo NY and 1/2 an hour away from Canada. There is a clear "Ay" border drawn at the Rainbow or Peace Bridge exits in Fort Erie Canada. It's the French Influence as far as I know since I grew up in the city of the good flow of Beau Fleuve or such as they call it in French.
  • I don't believe you. Everyone I know says it. I'm not kidding. It isn't just thrown around, here and there like some may think. It is used to turn a sentence into a question. Example: "This ice-cream is good!" Can turn into: "This ice-cream is good, eh?" Which would be like saying: "This ice-cream is good, don't you agree?" or "This ice-cream is good, right?" Canadian grammar 101.
  • It depends on the province. But you know the official Canadian alphabet (and this is joking) aa ba ca da ea fa ga etc
  • Seriously, it is like saying Hey with out the H, you say it almost unknowingly at the end of most sentences while you are waiting for someone to agree.
  • Actually, I'm Canadian (Quebec), and I have to say that we really do say ''eh''!!! It's sort of dorky but it's a reality... :)
  • i say it sometimes, i'm from Victoria, BC. i always thought back east and on the prairies they say it more.
  • What part of Canada? I grew up in Maine, my grandmother was Canadian... she and her friends said it constantly, whether they were speaking English or French.
  • I've lived in Vancouver all my life -58 years- and I hear it often..not all the time ..but often enough.
  • I dunno about that. I'm from Michigan, and everyone on the UP says eh? as well. The Canadian influence got to them, I guess. I think it's great.
  • You don't say.. Perhaps confused with Minnesota.. eh?
  • The only time I ever heard "Eh" was on SCTV back in the 80's. And in the movie Strange Brew with Bob and Doug McKenzie. Outside of that, the few times I've been to Windsor, ON. I've never heard anyone say it.
  • Canadians say "eh" so much that i think that it just goes unnoticed if you're not looking for it, and you stop yourself when you are seeing if you say it. My friends and I used to sit and count how many times we ended up saying it in a conversation.
  • I never heard my Canadian friend say it until she went home to visit. I saw her a week after she came back, and I heard her say it three times in ten minutes. That was over a week ago. I should go see if she's still saying it. :)
  • I'm Canadian and I rarely hear it either.
  • I think its because of those old Cheech & Chong albums.
  • From just aboot every Canadian hockey player I've heard speak, from SCTV - Doug and Bob - The Great White North and from the time I visited Edmonton and almost everyone said 'Eh'.
  • Well, I have said "eh" more than once in the past and I am Canadian.
  • I say eh all the time and I'm from The US southwest to be exact. I had no idea anyone thought it was a Canadian thing.
  • I say Eh a lot, Im from NZ, I think they say it in the UK as well, but your right, I didn't think Canadians said it a great deal.
  • Lol! For the same reason that almost everyone thinks that every single Aussie says "Lets throw another shrimp on the barby." on a daily basis. :P I'm Aussie, and I've never heard anyone say that in my whole life!
  • thats a lie everybody says eh.
  • Other than the movie Fargo, the only time I ever heard anyone say Eh was in Canada. I used to fly to a resort near Sioux Lookout three to five times a week. The Canadians all said eh almost as much as in the movie Fargo!
  • Check out Vancouver B.C. some time, eh.
  • Well, I'm an American who had a Canadian roommate in college, and he used it all the time. (I suspect as a joke.)
  • I am Canadian "EH"..:)
  • Just curious, where in Canada do you live? I was under the impression that all Canadians said EH!!!!, too, and I live here lol Im from Winnipeg. We ALL most definatly say EH!!!! here lmao. We do say it so often that most of the time it goes unnoticed lol because its becoming a part of everyday speech, a regularly used word down here lol

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