• The Messiah described in the prophecies of the Hebrew Bible. He is described as a king who will have the unique ability to "smite evil" with his mouth (i.e. without force). He will be a great prophet and scholar, a person of impeccable character. The Messiah will be the ultimate teacher; he will restore Judaism to the highest levels of observance. This Messiah will herald a time of world peace and the destruction of all weapons. He will usher in an era when "the occupation of the entire world will be only to know G-d" (as per Isaiah 11). He will gather all the dispersed Jews from around the world to Israel and will rebuild a Temple in Jerusalem. To qualify, he must be a descendant of King Solomon, son of King David (this must be paternal ancestry).
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      There are a number of science-fiction stories of "benevolent" aliens who usher in world peace and great wonders, while ultimately enslaving the population. Some might say the "devil" could pose in the same manner as a messiah. What is specified in the Tanakh to recognize a false messiah?
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      First of all, Jesus is nothing more than a mythical character in a very silly, arcane cult book. As for the Jews, even they know that Jesus fails the Bible's own "Messiah Test" and know Jesus is not a "son of a god." According to the Bible itself - this is a list of everything the Messiah had to fulfill in his own lifetime. When you read this list, you see that Jesus doesn’t even COME CLOSE to passing the Bible’s own “Messiah Test” – and this is why Jews, and Billions of other people, view Christ as a total fraud: • The Sanhedrin will be re-established (Isaiah 1:26) • Once he is King, leaders of other nations will look to him for guidance. (Isaiah 2:4) • The whole world will worship the One God of Israel (Isaiah 2:17) • He will be descended from King David (Isaiah 11:1) via King Solomon (1 Chron. 22:8-10) • The Moshiach will be a man of this world, an observant Jew with "fear of God" (Isaiah 11:2) • Evil and tyranny will not be able to stand before his leadership (Isaiah 11:4) • Knowledge of God will fill the world (Isaiah 11:9) • He will include and attract people from all cultures and nations (Isaiah 11:10) • All Israelites will be returned to their homeland (Isaiah 11:12) • Death will be swallowed up forever (Isaiah 25:8) • There will be no more hunger or illness, and death will cease (Isaiah 25:8) • All of the dead will rise again (Isaiah 26:19) • The Jewish people will experience eternal joy and gladness (Isaiah 51:11) • He will be a messenger of peace (Isaiah 52:7) • Nations will end up recognizing the wrongs they did to Israel (Isaiah 52:13-53:5) • The peoples of the world will turn to the Jews for spiritual guidance (Zechariah 8:23) • The ruined cities of Israel will be restored (Ezekiel 16:55) • Weapons of war will be destroyed (Ezekiel 39:9) • The Temple will be rebuilt (Ezekiel 40) resuming many of the suspended mitzvot • He will then perfect the entire world to serve God together (Zephaniah 3:9) • Jews will know the Torah without Study (Jeremiah 31:33) • He will give you all the desires of your heart (Psalms 37:4) • He will take the barren land and make it abundant and fruitful (Isaiah 51:3, Amos 9:13-15, Ezekiel 36:29-30, Isaiah 11:6-9)
  • They are waiting for Gods' timing, they no more know when or who the Messiah is then Christians know when Jesus will return. Only God can answer these questions in full. In His service, <:))))<>< "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21
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      "Only God can answer these questions" -- which god? Is it the same god that you can't prove to people?
  • Jews are waiting for Messiah as prophesied in Isaiah 9:1-7. "His government and its peace will never end. He will rule with fairness and justice from the throne of his ancestor David for all eternity. The passionate commitment of the Lord of Heaven's Armies will make this happen!" Isaiah 9:7 NLT
  • A Warrior... A Military Leader./...
  • Christ.
    • Chicagoan
      Christ is make-believe.
  • Only Gd knows who he is and he will come when he's supposed to, actually a date was given to the greatest rabbis who were nerver able to revele it. Jews strive to have him come ASAP!
  • I think we all know the answer to this question. Richard Simmons.
  • According to Isaiah 53, The Messiah was the following: Despised and foraken of men He was despised, and we did not esteem Him Our griefs He Himself bore, Pierced for our transgressions Crushed for our iniquities By His stripes we are healed He was oppressed and afflicted Like a lamb led to slaughter The Messiah the Jews are waiting for has already come. The Messiah is Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, He is still being rejected by His own people.
  • we won't know exactly who his until hes here
  • I am so sorry my friend, but Jesus Christ is an Allegory. Do you know what is means Allegory? The word allegory come from two Greek words: Alleo Agereoo and the real meaning of these two words is "I speak different" What is the meaning of prior paragraph? That behind the literal discurs you have other that is so difficult to figure out; since, you ignore what the writer is talking about. But, if you know that Jesus Christ is an Allegory, then could be possible you interpret his words in looking for the real discurs behind his words, the figured. If you achieve the figured behind his words, then you will know the Jesus Christ is a religion fiction. The problem is the mankind ignore which is the figured behind the words the writers used to give know the existence of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a fiction. He never existed. The real Messiah of mankind is the one the Jews were waiting in Egypt. The prior means the Messiah of Jews will not come today in name of Judaism like how you know it (Judaism)today; since the Jews cast aside the scientific dogma of faith from the Great Pyramid, the reason of why the Envoy of Constructor of Great Pyramid will never make act of presence on Earth today in front of Judaism. Why? Because the Constructor was so clear to manifest that the scientific knowledge of the Great Pyramid was for the benefit of the entire mankind without distinction of race or religions. No for the benefit of a Nation like Israel or a religious entity like the Vatican.
    • mushroom
      "The scientific knowledge of the Great Pyramid"? It's a big pile of rocks.
    • Chicagoan
      "Jesus Christ is a fiction. He never existed." 100% Correct. "the Great Pyramid is a big pile of rocks." And the Bible is a big, literary pile of crap. So... there ya go!
  • am i wrong in reasoning that from reading OT, that the Israelites were and still are looking for the Messiah to free them and only them from their bondage and suppressions...they waited in the OT for their CHAMPION and he never came? certainly they would not of expected during "punishments" from the Almighty, and HE had to do that many times..
  • Don't know, but sure has big shoes to fill: he will be replacing, arguably, the most famous human being of all times. (Try to imagine a human being whose name has been said more times than Jesus. Just today, say in the State of Texas, his name has probably been said thousands of times and he hasn't been alive in centuries.) I am a preacher's daughter living a predominantly secular life, but I still know that Jesus would be hard to replace.
  • Jesus Christ (Joh 1:11) He came unto his own, and his own received him not.
  • me, sorry, i've just been taking my time
  • they are looking for the Messiah, the Anointed, the King(as in King David) that would or will rescue them and only them , from their bondages...their Saviour... maybe this is more what you wanted to hear..AND the Lord fulfilled every single prophecy written in the Old Testament......
  • he will come to liberate the world from evil and will reign in jerusaleum forever
    • Chicagoan
      No proof for that comment - just cultist nonsense.
  • The Messiah had come 2000 years ago, had died and rose on the third day and gone back to the heaven. And He will come again to take all those who put their trust in Him. But the Jews are still waiting for their King Messiah, because they couldnt believe their King will take birth in a manger.....but Jesus the Messiah took birth in a manger to show the world His humility, His purpose in this world....that was to serve others and not to be served. The day is very near that their eyes will be opened to the crucified Saviour. Then, they will cry out, “Oh! We crucified Jesus who is God in flesh” They will cry for what they had done. But, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of grace and not the Spirit of condemnation! He is not a God who kills or justifies through blood. The Holy Spirit, the spirit of God, will love them! He will transform them and make them His children. They shall receive Jesus as their Saviour.
    • Chicagoan
      No legitimate evidence/proof for any of your cult claims.
  • Christ...
  • Perhaps it is Mel Brooks.
  • Lionel Messi.
  • for jesus to come back
  • Harvey Weinstein?
  • Jewish belief is based on National revelation. The final Messiah will be the greatest leader and political genius the world has ever seen. 2 Thessalonians 2:4 "Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the Temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."
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      Answer powered by Jenny Rizzo and the Seventh-Day Adventists for religious theological studies:
  • I really don't understand why the Jews are still waiting for a messiah when Jesus came to Earth they tried to make him King they were sure that he was the Messiah everything was happening according to the prophecy of Isaiah. That is of course until Jesus said nope I'm not going to become your earthly King. After that the Jews despised Jesus and sought to kill him. If Jesus would have said yes and become their King and led them to victory over the Romans Jesus would be the honored hero of the Jews!
    • Victorine
      Most Jews alive at the time never heard of Jesus. If you'd asked them about the Yeshua who was crucified by the Romans, they would have said, "Who?" Those who were involved in his death were responsible for protecting the Jews of Palestine and had every good reason to worry about a troublemaker who might attract the occupiers' negative attention. If you were more familiar with the history of the region under the Romans, you'd understand that their fears were well-grounded. By the way, we can be certain that much of what the Bible tells us about Jesus's death and Jewish involvement was simply invented later, when it was becoming politically inexpedient to place much blame on the Roman occupiers.
  • Jesus. Unfortunately for the Jews, they don't believe that Jesus is the Messiah for whom they are waiting.
  • Not a divine being, not the son of a god. He was supposed to be a warrior-king, divinely inspired but a mere mortal, sent to rescue the Jews from whatever tribulations they were experiencing.
  • Apparently, his name was Theodor Hertz as it was prophesied that the Messiah will lead the Jews back to the Promised Land - and it was Theodor Herzl who founded modern-day Zionism in 1895, culminating in the Balfour Declaration and the creation of the Jewish homeland of Israel in 1948. (Someone should tell them that their Messiah has expired.)
  • Their Messiah will come when they learn to live in peace with their brethren. II Samuel 7 1--17

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