• We're all different and have different experiences of life. Among my friends are a man who works in the insurance industry and a policeman. In his professional life the first has to analyse issues in great depth, while the second has to make instant decisions. The way that they make decisions away from their jobs reflects the way that they make professional decisions, so I would say that this is learnt behaviour.
  • I think it's genetic, honestly. I'm one of those people that doesn't spend much time making decisions. The addl time to pour over stuff is wasted mostly. If I make the wrong decision it (usually) takes less time to just fix it/choose again. If I'm really obsessed...I'll sleep on it.
  • Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called "Blink" a couple of years ago. It has fascinating theories about how people make snap decisions. One of the theories is that people who need more information to make a decision usually take longer, but not for the obvious reason. (The obvious reason being that it takes longer to gather the information) In actuality, more information can actually make you more indecisive. Take a sandwich menu for example... If there are 10 items on the menu, and they don't go into great detail about what is on each sandwich, your decision is usually quick. If there are 20 sandwiches, and each description has been broken out into detail, it is much more difficult to decide which sandwich to eat because you will overanalyze the ingredients. His book discusses "knowing your area" and being able to rapidly make the correct decision without really being able to explain why your decision was correct. It was suprisingly interesting reading.
  • I make a decision real quickly and my sister takes that as if I haven't given much thought to the task.For instance when Christmas shopping I go to a store and get finished rather quickly when my sister has to go back the next day and even the following week to select a ( perfect) gift.She feels as if her gift is more meaningful as she spent more time on it, when I feel as my gift was just as meaningful.I would never give a gift unless I thought the person receiving it would find value or meaning in that gift and be happy to have it.I just feel that the OVERTHINKING of gift giving takes all the fun out of it for the giver or the receiver
  • some people over think. the others use their instincts and trust them.
  • Most people who make snap decisions make poor decisions

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