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  • Dude,she already told you that you are not doing it often,so i guess you need to fart some more with her :P naah seriously,it could be something that you ignore and not something that you know how to do it anytime
  • Seems you are doing something wrong. Women love romance, try that or she will bail.
  • I really like to be fingered with the fingers twisted/rotated inside me when my partner sucks my vulval area. It drives me up the wall. I also like some anal play - rimming and fingering.
  • My number-one turnon is to be lightly caressed in a very sexual manner, everywhere but where I *want* it. The build-up is unbelievable. But that's like asking a Mini Cooper owner what that knocking noise in your Dodge Charger is. Every woman is different, and her turn-ons are also different. My advice? If she's uncomfortable talking to you about it outside the bedroom (and many of us are, we'll growl words our mothers don't even *know* in the heat of the moment, but once the clothes are back on, we turn into prudes. Just how we're programmed), try this: next time you're in the heat of foreplay, start trying new things and asking, "Do you like this? Does this feel good?" If you've been together any lenght of time, you'll be able to tell if she's lying. It might take some time, but if you pay attention to the signals, you'll find it, and have a lot of fun doing so.
  • This is just me, don't do this without asking her first lol: the #1 thing for my man to do to me is dominate me. We have a D/s sexual relationship and there's nothing sexier to me than the control/dominant side of him. But like I said, this is something that can be sensitive and not something to just 'surprise' her with, it needs to be talked about first.
  • plenty of oral sex...some women have very sensitive nipples paid special attention to those too
  • idk i know i like when i ma kissed on the side indents of my stomach and a huge one for me is on my neck!!!
  • Tell her if she really wants it, that she should stop playing shy and spit it out. lol
  • kissing the neck is so hot... or my guy does this thing to my ear where he bites it but says something at the same time. It vibrates and tickles. always sets the mood.
  • What does it for me is good communication skills that aren't inhibited by any kind of shame during the moment.
  • i love for my other half to tease, kiss my back all over while running his finger tips every where except those ohh so vital areas, holding back the actual sexaul touches makes the build up amazing
  • I'm a lesbian, so no man will be doing anything to ME...but lets be frank...FEELS GOOD...FEELS GOOD! No matter who is doing it as long as both parties are consensual about IT. Having my love go down on me after sucking and licking my breasts so that I'm already twitching...(and a nice amount of deep sensual kissing to start off!) Then while going down on me and teasing my clit until it's hard and sensitive, also slipping one or two of her small fingers into my vagina...very, very slowly, and then doing that while licking my clit... THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS! WHEEEE! First, I'd try talking a bit but if she just won't say...give it a shot...and also tell her what you want to do to her...whisper it in her ear, while you kiss her neck. Good luck...happy trails!
  • i like my toes sucked while i am being screwed
  • my man is very dominate and likes to take the ok with that since i like a female role.if he kisses me right,finds my sensative spots...he has a good start.the oral sex on me is enough to have several orgasms.but im also a firm believer that u have to have god communication and love that person alot to be really turned on.but there are times that just looking at him and visualizing him naked and me in charge is enough to turnme on....
  • I love passion, and giving up control. Is gives me such a feel of uphoria. *I don't think you are looking at this the right way though. We have no idea what you have done with your girlfriend. I would just try and think of the things that you have done with her. Then Eliminate the things you do everytime, and then the ones you do almost every time etc. When you get down to, say, 10 things, start do those remaining things to her when you are intimate. Like the other poster said, ask for feedback when you are working on your 'short list' You'll be able to tell what she likes (keep doing) and what she could take or leave (not THE thing) Good Luck and Have Fun!
  • Pulling my hair from behind. I don't know why, its just good. Oh and a good bite on the arse.
  • Hey, I really love it when he's behind me,he grabs my waist pulling me toward him and he bites my neck! Good Luck :o) Love, Mandy
  • It may sound cheesy but it turns me on a lot when my bf looks me in the eyes and tells me he loves me in the heat of the moment. He doesn't do it very often but when he does, it makes everything ten times better.
  • I'm more of the romantic type tho I do like the "pushy do it to me!!" also. I REALLY REALLY like it when my boyfriend breathes really deeply and says my name. I like it when he kisses and sucks on my earlobe, kisses my neck, brushes his fingers along my stomach, and OMG sucks and 'frenchies' my nipples!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! but communication is key. You have to be open to tell your partener, "harder, harder!!! faster, faster!!! Don't stop!!! More!! OH YES OH YES!!!"
  • Tounge in the ear or biting :)
  • She's playing you. You feel inadequate and thus try harder to please. Maybe.
  • well i love my bf to tease me like jus puttin the tip in and out of me and stuff like that it turns me on like crazy.
  • There are lots of different answers to this. Women are different and are into different things. Most importantly, if you are in a sexual relationship, you need to have honesty and maturity. If you are asking (and being mature) and your girlfriend is making you somehow find out without her telling you, then maybe she is not ready for a sexual relationship. If she is being immature enough to tell you she won't tell you but you hardly ever do it--thats like her saying (if you get into an argument) that if you don't already know she isn't telling you. Both responses are immature and indicate "game playing".
  • wot dont u usually do that makes her moan more than usual the thing that she wants u to do is sumthing u dont very often think and wenur next havin sex and foreplay watch for the greatest signals and then u will find out wot she likes
  • I love it when my boyfriend kisses me around my neck and shoulders, it makes me want him so bad!
  • A slow sensual back rub with lots of kissing and nibbling on my neck, shoulders and upper back rock me. Pulling my head back by my hair and devouring my neck makes me shiver. Good Luck!!
  • His mouth anywhere and everywhere
  • i would have to say licking my clit :-D
  • i love it when were fooiling around and we get naked and he goes down and licks my milk from my vagina. then we kiss. it turns both of us on.
  • First of all, being loved and wanted. Second, fingers and tongue in the happy area:)
  • My nubmer turn on is my husband soft touching on my body and kissing me softly on my body.
  • i love it when my bf grabs me from behind by the waist and huggs me from behind while biting my neck gentally thenn going down to my bum :D then to spin me round and undress me i really love that and then i love siting there while he rubbs just abouve my vagina and up to my pubic hair and back down i love it!

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