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  • Mmmm hmmm. As long as possible.
  • I'm a 24 year old female with an incredible sex drive. I wasn't always to sexual until i met my current partner, a boyfriend of 6 years who I can't get enough of! I LOVE SEX!!!! and as a bonus so does he. We both know the others likes and dislikes. He loves to give me orgasms, multiple at times. He always makes sure I get off first but I love to keep going until he is ready to climax. SEX IS AWESOME! SEX IS WONDERFUL! SEX IS SEX!!!! you can never have enough, well unless you're sleeping around with multiple partners. I wouldn't recommend that due to diseases and building a reputation you don't want. But as for sex with my man and only him... yes i'd do it everyday as many times as possible.

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