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  • Not unless the pictures are sticking together:)
  • Um ok well it is not cheating but that is disrespectful and I think just as bad especially if they were of girls you know.
  • Yes it is cheating. Not to mention perverted whether you have a girlfriend or not. "But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." (Matthew 5:28)
  • It depends, do you know them or not? If you do, do you still see them? Are you involved with them? Are you still interested in being with them? Read these questions and you will find your answer.
  • No, but it may as well be if your girlfriend finds them.
  • Unless you're married to the girl that you're lusting after, you have NO right to look at her naked body. Would you like men doing that to your sister?
  • No, unless you stick them on your girlfriend's forehead while having sex. +5
  • I don't think so. So many girls get jealous of those photos and they don't need to be. Men's minds are not like women's. We women most often fantasize with our mind...we think up things, while men on the other hand are more visual. To take those photos away and say they aren't allowed, is equivalent to taking that girl's eyes away so she can't see attractive men throughout the day that she WILL think of some time in her life. Taking eye sight would be preventing her from thinking about them later on. Let it be. Don't make a mountain out of that mole hill. They also forget to realize that their men are with them. They are not with those other girls. They are with their girlfriends/wives. Not with the picture or with the girl inside the photo. We humans often miss that important part and just focus on what we see, not what we feel and the proof that makes it true.
  • Let's put it this way. . . . . it isn't cheating, but why would you need or desire to look at anything other than your girlfriend? If she doesn't interest you that much maybe she shouldn't be your girlfriend.
  • NO it's not cheating ..hurtful yes..but why would you..isn't your girl friend enough??..
  • I think that kind of thing is between you and your girl, you guys need to work out together what is cheating. Different couples have different boundaries. Its important to understand what each other believes loyalty means. If you have way way different opinions you might need to move on?
  • No, cheating to me is actively/physically seeking someone else while you're in a relationship. Having naked pictures is not cheating, it's inconsiderate and disrespectful, as you are not considering and respecting your girlfriend's loyalty to YOU.
  • Not unless he is dating them or asking females for photos. Then you've got problems.

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