• Because they have not dealt with their shit, and there for are not happy.
  • To make other people feel lucky in comparison?
  • Some people just have a unique talent for seeing the bad side of everything! They may be unhappy about their lives, and they're either too indolent or lacking in insight to change their situation. Sometimes, if the person is particularly bitter, then he/she may take joy in spoiling other people's fun.
  • Because they are whiners. If they would just put on their big boy or big girls pants and actually take responsibility for their choices, they wouldn't whine as much.
  • Because they don't know the real meanings of life !
  • Because they are very unhappy. +5
  • Because they always need to blame somebody (other than themselves, of course) for the things going on in their lives. They also may need to let out some of the stress they feel at that particular complaint. Some people just like to hear themselves talk. My dad always said no one likes a whiner.
  • They're just telling the truth. Life sucks. +4
  • Because it makes them feel a little better. +5
  • To be fair, some people's lives genuinely suck. And complaining often makes people feel beter.
  • It's depends on what they're complaining about, perhaps they do not know what to do with anger other than exploding it or stuffing it...they sit there and slam others to make their own screw ups seem less important. I'm the kind of person who don't complain of the same fault I see in others unless I'm 100% free of a fault...
  • Because our world was sold a bill of sale to think that ONLY those WITH are deserving of happiness and those without should be happy to be stuck in shit for life and serve those who have the shit. Revolution is coming rich kids.. Your necks will be the first to go once it does.
  • There are those who never seem to be satisfied.
  • Some people will complain about life because life is not fair to them or they are getting a hard time. There are people who have an easy life and others not. People who complain about life should be heard and what others can do to help them if possible.
  • They fail to realize that no matter how much your life sucks you can learn to be happy in the moment. They have not learned that how they feel is THEIR CHOICE and they can choose to be happy regardless of circumstances. "There is beauty all around when there's love at home!" But that's just one example of how you can facilitate joy in your life. There are many if you search for them instead of looking back (remember Lot's wife...) at all the misery that is your PAST.
  • Some people feel better complaining than not complaining. It's a weird psychological catharsis. Personally, I don't like to complain unless it's passive-aggressive and ironic. For example, I could complain about the poor grammar in this question, but why bothers?

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