• id say so
  • If you can afford to take care of him and do a better job then this, then yes, I personally would say hell yes. This is not the type of environment you want a child growing up in.
  • You should get custody, but the courts probably won't let you have it. You'll just spend a lot of money on legal fees for nothing. Women have all the rights. Men, only the obligations.
  • Not if those are your only reasons
  • That depends. Do you smoke weed and have multiple partners too? :)If not, get some evidence of the weed smoking and your golden. You'll get customdy in no time.
  • We have very little information as to what sort of an environment you intend to maintain. . Taking what you say about your wife at face value, I would say that it doees not sound like an appropriate environment. . I would definately feel it is worth discussing with your lawyer.
  • i would

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