• Don't know the answer. Don't want points but I wanted to say I will be interested in reading the responses. Great question.
  • There is also a term "chickenshit", but has a different meaning (petty administrative details). The origin of "bullshit" is obscure like most scatological terms. Somebody said it, others thought it sounded cool and it just took off. +3
  • There's a hell of a lot more bullshit in bullshit than there is birdshit in birdshit.
  • hmmm, thats a good question, maybe because bull shit stinks and it is a pain to step in. and when someone is "bullshitting" you, its usually pretty annoying and a pain to hear... I know that cat shit and bird shit can suck too. but bull shit sounds like more of a load to deal with... i cant give you a definate answer but that is what i would guess.
  • Maybe this will help, not too much though.
  • +6 good point
  • Have you ever seen a bull shit..that's a whole lot of shit..that shit is deep you need a 10 pound shovel. Its kind of like Horse shit..and it really stinks:)
  • I'm glad this is a Sirius question. It was made for me. I've never used the word bullshit or even horseshit. I use Holyshit quite often and now will be sent to total damnation for it.....
  • Bulls produce an inordinate amount of it. Birds and cats, make hardly any.

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