• If a ghost falls through the center of the earth, it will then fall to the other side and then back over and over again like a really fast pendulum. until the core's gravitational pull finally causes it to stop. This is why you sometimes get chills for no apparent reason - it's ghosts falling through you.
  • I've always wondered that! I theorize that they exist on a different plane, and have complete space-time position control, thus allowing them to move about as they please, above or below the floor! ;)
  • They can control their powers, obviously lol.
  • They are without gravity.
  • because they float!!!
  • They aren't walkin through walls buddy. They are walkin through ghost know, doors that used to be there before the house was renovated. . duh +6
  • they don't walk, they float. anybody knows that. :p . By the way, I saw someone today who looked exactly like you!
  • They can pretty much choose how and where to go. Like in dreams.
  • I think it's just because they usually reside in places like Limbo or Purgatory, and are allowed passage to the realm of the living, and whatever laws by which they're governed requires that the ghost accomplish something within our world. They go through stuff because I guess both worlds are different and the masses, or lack thereof, which reside in both are also different...but they don't actually "fall". Other beliefs may be a dead person does not realize that they are dead, and keeps on reliving their last moments, their deaths, or even banal activities over and over until the realization is made. In this case, perhaps a ghost is more like a projected image, or like a light, which goes through anything, or at least, is not subject to physical obstacles and doesn't require any specific source of light or darkness to be "seen".
  • Excellent question, Noldea! I think they would have the ability to CHOOSE when they wanted to go through solid objects so they wouldn't have to fall through the floor.
  • well it is my belief that when you die you are issued with a pair of anti gravity boots to counter act aganst this sort of problem
  • 1) If ghosts existed.... Some explanations: - in their parallel words, the wall is not there, but the floor is there - they don't walk, they actually float - they just don't follow the laws of physics - they choose to go through wall; they could also choose to go through floors - those who fall through floors probably never come back 2) "Nobody has been able to prove ghosts don't exist, but science has proven that they can't act the way they do. For instance, their ability to walk through walls is a common talent of Hollywood ghosts. There's one problem here. Newton's laws of physics say that if a ghost can walk, it shouldn't be able to pass through walls, since a body at rest will remain so until it's subjected to an external force and for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. This is exactly the case with walking ghosts. If it walks, it must by applying a force to the ground it steps on and the ground must apply to the ghost an equal and opposite force, that pushes the body forward. This means that a ghost must be made of matter, and not energy. Supposing it's made of energy could explain the fact that ghosts may pass through walls, but most certainly, they couldn't walk. And if a ghost could walk through walls, this means it could also pass through the floor. If a ghost were able to stay on the floor without passing through it, then it would have to apply a force to the floor, whose equal reaction should keep her on the floor. Pure energy couldn't do that, so either way, a ghost can do both things, stand or walk and pass through walls." Source and further information: 3) "Here's where the "ingenious theory" behind his ghost debunkal comes into play. According to Newton's law of action and reaction, ghosts should not be able to walk on a solid floor but pass through walls. Yes, I agree that makes sense but there is a lot more to it than that. You wouldn't ask a paranormal researcher like myself to explain the laws of physics just like you don't ask a physicist to explain the laws of The Astral World. Although, I am mathematically inclined, I have never taken physics so I don't understand the concepts. Efthimiou, on the other hand, has apparently never seen a ghost and has never knowingly had an astral projection. The laws in the ghostly plane are different than the laws of the physical plane and unless you know how they work (or at least what happens) then you cannot explain them away so easily in scientific terms. The appearance ghosts take is the same appearance they once held in their physical life. I can explain this better with my astral projection experiences and if you're able to project you should try this sometime if you've never noticed. When I was first starting my projections I would just lay there and look at my "astral hands". I would study the way they looked and then let my eyes drift to the wall beyond to look around. As soon as my focus was no longer picturing my hands I would notice them start to fade away. I would actually see the fingers getting shorter until I set my focus on them again. They would then grow back into the shape my mind expects them to be in. This is the same effect as when ghosts are seen as "orbs". I have noticed this feeling on many occasions and once I realize I'm in a ball shape, my entire body appears where I expect it to be. Now when you are walking, you expect the floor to be there. In the physical world you also expect walls to be there. For spirits - and astral projectors - the floor is right where it's supposed to be but it doesn't mean the spirit can fly through the floors. The mind wouldn't be able to comprehend walking on a spot a foot below the floor so the ghost will "walk" where it's supposed to walk. The spirit is just as likely to glide across the ground rather than walk. Even in my astral projections I have done both - sometimes I'm walking, other times I'm floating only a couple inches above the ground. I've flown up through the ceiling just to walk around on the floor above me. Other times I have achieved my out-of-body state while lying on the couch using the "rolling" method while going straight through the back of the couch and landing on the floor behind. I was lying on the couch just like I should have been yet was able to go through a physically solid couch. Walls are exactly the same thing - ghosts can go through the walls because they are not a physical boundary in their plane. This is all mind over matter because I still have occasions where I "bounce" off the walls because my physical body is so accustomed to having them around. I have to remember which plane I'm in before I can finally pass through." Source and further information: 4) Further information: - "If Ghosts Can Walk Through Walls And Glide Down Stairs, Why Don't They Fall Through The Floor?": - "If ghosts go through walls":;jsessionid=E0FCEEE0A17D8AA0E5EAD7C094F18BF8#49784 - "If ghosts can walk through walls and glide down stairs, why don't they fall through the floor?":
  • Ghosts do NOT succumb to gravity! It's one of the NICEST things about being a ghost!
  • They wear special earth-shoes, they are like snow shoes but these keep you from sinking into the earth. Problem with these shoes is they wear out after a few hundred years. That's why people usually only see ghosts from a few hundred years back. Unless there are smart ghosts and they steal a newer ghost's shoes.
  • They are no such thing as Ghosts. What's wrong with you people?
  • Why would a ghost fall? it has no mass (and so doesnt feel gravity) which is why it can pass through walls.

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