• Time heals all wounds. You'll never forget, it just gets less painful.
  • I really don't know, I would never be able to get over my boyfriend now, I just love him way too much.
  • ----------> you never really get over some one that you have loved just go out and find the next guy you just may find out your in love with them alot more than the one that left you
  • You'll never forget, nor will u ever truly get over it. There will always be that tiny bit that still loves them. But u have to convert that love to a love of just compassion, not romantic love. Thats one of the hardest steps to do in my opinion. Once you just love them for who they were, they can be one among many people that you love that way. Then you can love someone romanticly. OR you can just spew hate against them until u litterally hate them (Not recommended).
  • You never truly forget someone that you love. You just have to try your best to move on with your life and forget that person/animal. However, there will always be a little piece of your heart that's just for them and no one else. Love is 1 of the most beautiful and painful things in the universe.
  • I look got for the nagative part of the person and i say to myself that it was not worth it wasting time.
  • You never really forget about them, but it does get better and doesn't hurt near as much. See my answer, here:
  • Time. That is the only way in my experience. +4
  • You can't, you just learn to love them from a distance.
  • Time. It really does heal all wounds. In the meantime, keep yourself busy. Do something you hadn't done before, start a new hobby.
  • time, friends, and i find songs that have a message that are about breaking up, but the person getting over it. or like already gone by kelly clarkson. that helped me get through my last break up.
  • One day at a time!

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