• Earthquakes, volcanos, and tsunamis
  • ...and a large meteor strike...
  • Volcanic eruption/lava flow Earthquake Flood This is my best quess - interesting topic!
  • Volcanism, Earthquakes, and flooding. Volcanoes can blow a mountain to bits, lava can cover the surrounding area changing it's features, and ash from a volcanic eruption can be evidenced in rock half way around the world. Earthquakes change the topography by movement and can be seen where one plate has shifted, in some cases for hundreds of miles. Flooding can change a landscape by depositing silt, rivers changing course, and by moving large objects like boulders. Evidence for flooding can be seen in fossil evidence and in sedimentary rock deposits. There you go; three geologic catastrophes that affect landscape or features on Earth and that can be recorded in rocks.
  • 8-28-2017 That would depend a lot on what you mean by "geological". Google says "relating to the study of the earth's physical structure and substance", but that does not narrow the subject much. Is a tsunami geological? How about a lightning bolt? Lightning bolts have played a very big part in earthly history, sometimes very very big lightning bolts. Trouble is geologists have no training in electric affects, so they just don't want to hear about lightning.

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