• Give her time. I know that is hard but it is your only option. If you push her it will only take longer. Sometimes we just need time but that does not mean we are done. If you love her give her the time she needs and when she comes back it will be better than it was before. And it might never happen again.
  • What is it in your relationship that prevents her from "finding herself" while you're together? Are you possessive? Are you abusive? Is she looking for something better? Do you treat her lovingly? Or have you given her a reason to find herself? I think you should tell her that you intend to start dating other people unless she's willing to make a commitment to a relationship with you. Breaking up with you but still stringing you along is cruel, unfair and unrealistic. You need to move on. If she's serious about loving you, she'll come back.
  • Move on. She's history.
  • shes using you man.
  • I'll put it simple it's commentment issue's. ( I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong)
  • In other words, she doesn't find you interesting any more and wants you to chase her like a princess. Get rid of such wannabe cinderella's they rarely work out as worth it.
  • not much you can do
  • Needs to find herself?? That's code for "I wanna sleep with someone else." Ditch the bitch.

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