• It's a sign of many things. It is definitely a sign of BPD or schizophrenia.
  • Only if it affects the individual intearctions, relationships, balanced living, and job/school.
  • If you'd strike the word "pending", I'd say yes. Behavior is the result of thought, therefore what you describe is a result of irritable and aggressive thoughts. We either choose our thoughts or allow ourselves to be influenced by thoughts unchecked. Choosing or allowing negative thoughts into our consciousness IS mental illness.
  • Yes, in the same way that a gentle breeze can be a sign of pending tornados. In other words there are a million far more likely other explanations.
  • Not of pending mental illness. They are signs of present mental illnesses.
  • Not necessarily. A lot would depend upon the person's age. An older person, say beyond 80, who suddently displayed those symptoms would raise a question in my own mind about Alzheimers.
  • With me, it is simply a sign of low blood sugar. I eat something, I get less irritable and aggressive.
  • I dunno but I guess hoping for basic grammar is.
  • It can be a sign of impending mental illness or indeed physical illness. But it can be a thousand and one other things too.
  • Dementia takes many forms and affects people in different ways. My mom had it and was irritable, aggressive and paranoid (your other question on the same topic). It is a disease of old age and I suppose many of us will suffer from it eventually if we live long enough.
  • That's pretty extreme to assume something like that. 1. The person could just be going thru a stressful time. 2. They could have a bad diet. 3. They could have never learned how to deal with their emotions properly. 4. They could be The Incredible Hulk There are plenty of mentally ill people that do not have these traits and plenty of healthy people that do. I don't think it would be fair to judge on these traits alone.
  • It could be a sign of a good number of illnesses,one that comes to mind is a thyroid imbalance...even lack of sleep could be a simple cause of these symptoms
  • Sure it -could- be. Could also be the signs of a drug or alcohol problem.
  • I hope not or half of my students will be nuts by the end of the year.
  • So many possibilities, most are already suggested....add medication side effects or conflicts and pain.

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