• Grow up! If you were working as many hours would you be all hot to trot? Maybe the sex wasn't as great for her, as you think it was? Sounds like it's time to sit down and have a heart to heart with her. NOT a sit down and CONFRONT her with irrational fears, but and exchange of thoughts, feelings and look for solutions that you can both agree to. Are these long hours temporary for her, or are they part of an on-going future? Does she eat a healthy diet? Get some sort of exercise on a regular basis? Does she get ENOUGH sleep? Any and all of these things will effect a person's energy and sex drive! How much time do you spend being INTIMATE...NOT SEXUAL...INTIMATE? Fixing her a nice bubble bath, or dinner, or a massage that does not end with you expecting sex? Does she ever do any of these types of things for you? (it needs to go both ways!) Do you two go for walks together, hold hands (walking or watching a movie = relaxing together) cook a nice meal TOGETHER and then eat and chat over dinner by candle light? Is she on ANY medications...some medications can lower the sex drive for men AND for women! Is she stressed out, worried, about these new hours, or changes at her job...if it is all new, that's enough to exhaust anyone! Unless you have some really clear indications that she is seeing someone else...I'd not assume she is... Once you both know, clearly, what is really going on, then you can work on it together.
  • Yeah I know what your saying, and its not a problem of the sex not being good...she had always loved it and she used to initiate it. And yes i do run her baths, massages and make lovely dinners but yes a lot fo the time its with the intention of it ending in sex. And no we dont eat very healthily and she is overtired and no excercise either. I didnt realise that can cause lack of sex drive. To add to it, she DOESNT do those things for me, I do them to make her feel less stressed and generally happy but thats what takes preference which is why my feelings of not being appreciated are amplified i guess.
  • probably she is goin throu a bad stage right now or sumthin
  • You need to sit down and talk to her, dude. I feel your pain and I've been through the same thing before. Let her know you empathize with what she's doing, working all the time, but she can't expect you to sit idly by and watch as your relationship crumbles. If it's important to her, she'll put in a little more effort.

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