• It would function better if there was no veto.
  • I believe that it is a worldwide organziation comprised of member nations who genuinely care about protecting their sovereign borders and getting along with their neighbors. I'm disappointed that Switzerland refuses to join, due to their damned "neutrality" stance. Being a member isn't the same thing as endorsing everything that happens, you know. This question has inspired me to pose one of my own, and I thank you for that. +5
  • 'What are your thoughts ON the United Nations' I think is a better. I think it is Okay. If nothing we get the pleasure of seeing Obama and Ghadafi performing on the same stage and listening to all their good intentions. It makes good television for a minority and boring television for the majority who seem to delight in Kendra and the girls at the Playboy Mansions. It is hard to believe that observers of the latter understand or care anything about the UN. Perhaps if Hugh Heffner ran it, they might be able to get everyone to wear condoms and make love instead of war.:)
  • close to irrelevant
  • Phuckem!
  • I think they are great. We really have learned from the League of Nations.
  • Get out of Dodge useless pieces of shits.
  • They have no back bone and are lead by people that are not willing to put evil nations in there place. Example Iran.
  • Reminds me of my ex wife's book club
  • An organization founded out of good thought but at times useless. Eg.
  • Completely impotent. Great in theory but worthless in practice.
  • Way too many whiny arsed bastards. Too much catering to Islam and what they're offended by. Which is to say, offended by anything.
  • i've gotta agree with all the other responders. i think most of us really like the thought of the UN, but, in practice, it's useless. let's update its charter. let's give it brass chutzpah.
  • Totally useless organization. World would be better without it.
  • It's worse than useless, it actually causes harm because it sends 'observers' which makes people think something is being done when nothing is being done. Except possibly child prostitution.
  • It's a good idea - too bad it doesn't work as well as it should.

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