• this perv need to be brought to justice sooner or later he will get worse try to not be alone with him make sure every body in office knows what he is like and hopefully you have the courage to report this good luck
  • stab him
  • You need to get an attorney, asap!! This is illegal.
  • It would be great if you could find just one other person who has experienced this and the both of you go to HR. I suspect they would walk him out the door.
  • Why in the hell haven't you reported him yet? He is so out of line and what you stated is way above and beyond ridiculous. A manager should NEVER pull crap like that with their employees!
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Its a joke.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      The boss hasn't been reported because this is a joke.
  • Yes but you would have to prove it and it would be your word vs. his unless you can find someone else there similarly affected. In the end the company is going try and retain the person more valuable to them so please be careful.
  • No because it never happened. Try again says the 8 ball.
  • He has assaulted you. He is obviously a creep & he's probably behaved like this with other people too. I don't know how many others work in the same place but if anybody else has experienced this sort of behaviour you should report him together.
  • Charge him with what? You've no physical evidence and he knows it. Get witnesses, get pics, get footage.. etc etc. once you have these then go into your HR and police station.
  • Thanks for the joke. You are very funny. 😈
  • report him and leave the place, if you stay and not report him, you will have no case
  • You will have to make sure your complaint clearly states that you were sexually harassed by taking pictures of your skin or having witnesses.
  • you should get a nanny cam and put it in your office or audio tape him on your phone. better yet, just quit. no job is worth this kind of sexual abuse. course that would be if I believed you. and I only would if you were Andrew Cuomo's private secretary.
  • Charge him with what? These are your claims until you can bring evidence before a court. Not saying you take a pic of your slapped arse, but video and other witnesses will go a long way.
  • I think too with the others that mentioned get proof, witnesses. Its your word vs him. People ten to believe persons in authority vs persons who are not. I hope you can find proof and justice is served No worker deserves to be treated so rudely, unfairly and mostly offensively.
  • You can own the company. File a sexual harassment lawsuit.
  • Shame on him!
  • LOL. you're funny. 😈 You have a future in porn. lol
  • Document the dates and times and get a witness then consult a lawyer. You will get plenty of money from your company.

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