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  • When my guy was filling my bottom with his tool I cannot remember not having an erection. We would be in the missionary position. I would be soo turned on to have him inside of me that I would cum and he would stop for a moment to lick my cum up. Powerful climax!
  • My last anal experience with a guy pounding away at my ass I did not have an erection. I was a bit distracted by his very long c*ck going soo deep inside of me. I had to tell him not to go so deep. He was so thick and had lasting power. He filled me up with a great load. I had never topped a guy before but I soon got an erection and pounded him some before cumming in his ass. So I was distracted with pain while getting filled with his c*ck. My first anal sex (being penetrated) was wonderful because the guy was very thick (a wonderful filling feeling)but about 5 inches long. He stimulated my prostate so much that I was spilling my cum on my abdomen for him to lick up afterwards. I wished that He would have let me fill his ass up with the load. The clean up was great though!
  • With all the tranny/she-male porn I have watched, I think I can only recall 1 man who kept an erection, but only because he was wacking it.
  • having a hard cock up ass only once so far don,t remember if i was hard or nor just the pleasure of his hard cock felt so good and i loved the pounding..
  • Sometimes I do. It depends on hoe big his cock is. The bigger it is the more difficult it is to stay hard from the pain. But i still love to be pounded.

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