• Guys like to do a bit of chasing, so play it cool and let him tackle you. +5
  • play it cool he'll come 2 u if he wants u so bad :) he wont do it straight away u can expect tht but if u wanna help him out a bit hint it ur interested in him,but be sneaky leave him wantin more ;) Good Luck & Hope This Helped U Out :)
  • My wife liked me when we first met, but I was overwhelmed by all the other girls and stimuli around me at that time. She was afraid of scaring me off, so she found subtle ways to stay in touch and make contact. Unfortunately she also had to deal with discouragement when she saw other girls spending time with me instead. I gradually came to appreciate her because I could feel that she liked me and continued to like me. I started responding to her and then discovered that she was really a cool person. I started falling in love with her and it was never a pushy thing or inordinate on her part. I think I would just recommend being yourself and perhaps looking for ways to get involved in the things he is interested in so that you'll have an opening and will get to spend time with him without having to force anything. You might find out more about him and decide he's not really the one for you, and this is a safe approach.
  • You act non-assuming, friendly and cheerful. Don't be an emotional burden. Men pursue what they want. If he wants you, you'll know it.
  • maybe you should tell him youre interested in him
  • The same way you would if he eas new to the school and you didn't know diddly about him. He's not a rock star. Behave normally.

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