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  • Well she may be crazy but it is done fairly often in our circles. It heightens arousal because it exposes nerves better to the area. It is safe to do as long as she goes to someone that is experienced in those piercings. Make sure everything is sterile and is "one use only" equipment. The major issue is going to be keeping the area clean to prevent infection. A piercing can get dirty in no time and being in the genital area, it's more prone to getting bacteria growing. Be sure she cleans the area as instructed and watches for swelling and any sign of pus or infection. As a disclaimer - I don't have mine pierced. My information comes from common sense and from a friend who did get hers pierced. Good luck to you both!
  • Looks like you talked her out of it, but, this question reminded me that I want to get somewhere down there pierced, at one point, as well, so, I looked up info. Just in case she wants to, again: XD
  • i have my clit pierced, definatly painful even with my threshold. i would suggest you talk to a doctor as some women are unable to have it pierced while others like me can.
  • It's safe. But be sure to watch someone who is doing it. Like any pseudo-medical procedure the folks involved should take every step to insure that the principals of antisepsis are followed. But it's a wee bit painful.
  • Tom that's very dangerous. It could cause infections and, if the piercer does it wrong, it might ruin her clitoris. I would never do that and I don't think she should either; no woman should. BTW, how old is Meghan now?
  • depends how she is made . only go for the hood not the clit it self. horizontal rings ok if ther is enough to pierce . vertical are good especialyif you use a curved bar as use for navels they also look good most piercings in this area can heal within days due to the high blood flow use only salty water to keep things clean enjoy

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