• omg noooooooo!!!!!!! i know alot of ppl who were on it and it ruined their lives. it is one of the worst drugs out there. it deteriorates your health and it makes you paranoid and crazy. it also make you look horrible. i mean whats the sense in legalizing something that will not only ruin ur life but also ruin the lives of those who are close to u.
  • That's insane!
  • NO NO NO and NOO. meth destroys people and those who love them. ive seen it first hand.
  • Yes, it's a horrible drug. It rots people. If we legalize all of them though, and spend the money on education maybe people will choose something less nasty to destroy themselves with.
  • let me make this blunt Fuck no
  • hell no
  • Maybe if you want people driving all hours of the night, trying to get stuff done...but never actually figuring out what they are doing, spending all their money and having it go up in smoke. Having no job...coughing all the time, their teeth rotting out...peeking out of the window to find the shadow people, and sleeping with knives under their pillow. Maybe if you want it to look like the holocaust was back in, rapes...murders, car theft, mugging, abuse, domestic violence, molestation....and all of that to run rampid... ...and when your 40 look 70. YAY!!! Go team health! update: Have you ever seen anyone strung out, they look like rag dolls when they walk, and move their arms...and their heads bobble...and they twitch and move around alot lookin silly. Its pathetic and sick. ...and the mental disorders that would arise??? PEOPLE WOULD BE F*CKED UP.
  • Sure, why not? It's trying to stop methlabs that lye has been taken off the market. How am I supposed to learn how to make my own soap if I can't find any LYE? Why should my hobbies be put on hold because some dummies want to mix Sudafed with lye and smoke it?
  • Absolutely. This is America where we are SUPPOSED to be free. The LEAST we could do is make it a prescription drug for those feeling down.

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