• Adolescents are adults “in training”. Parents are still training them to develop the perceptive powers so as to distinguish between right and wrong(Hebrews 5:14). Similarly, a fetus that has a heartbeat still isn’t capable of surviving outside of the womb until all of the vital organs have are developed. An adolescent is developing the emotional skills to survive away from their parents’ watchful eye. Although they seem to be physically ready to leave the nest, we have to take into account their ability to solve problems, react to rejection, distinguish between right and wrong, recognize deceptive situations, etc.
    • Linda Joy
      So you believe adolescents don't yet know the difference between right and wrong? I think that's a bit behind the curve. Take a look at this: Also between the ages of 7 and 15 children are legally responsible for their choices and are punished accordingly. However, the development of the frontal cortex is not complete until the age of 25 so impulse control and behavior still suffers. But they know right from wrong.
    • Linda Joy
      I think adolescence should see a separation of sorts from the parent figures. This is when they think they are adults and decide to rebel anyway. I think this is the perfect time to find an apprenticeship for the teen. Give them something to learn hands on preferably under the guidance of someone other than their parents. Maybe a year as a foreign exchange student or just a summer camp. " Let them explore their passions and build their skills... Whether it is tennis, football or hockey, architecture or drama, programming or robotics... whatever their interest is." But it should allow them time away from their parents so they can grow appreciation.
    • LizzyP
      Yes, I believe we?re on the same page. Apprenticeship and training are synonyms. Even some adults seek advice from older and wiser mentors. We, as adults, know the difference between right and wrong AND we have the capacity to act on it. That is why we are given maximum sentences in a court of law. Adolescents may have been taught right from wrong but lack the capacity to act accordingly. Teenagers are not adults, they shouldn?t be treated as if they are. Similarly, adults shouldn?t act like children or be treated like them either.
  • Don't be silly, dear. If adolescents haven't learned the basics of taking care of themselves by the time they are of age, then you have failed as a parent
    • Linda Joy
      What do you consider "of age"? Does this mean any financial or influential contribution by a parent after this age is a blatant admission of failure? Do you think a man who can't take care of feeding himself, taking care of his own clothing and providing his own home is a failure of the parent?
  • depends on the person since theyre all different

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