• Tell them it's none of their damn business what makes you happy. I chose my husband over my family and I am so glad I did because eventually they came around and accepted him. It's a hard decision, but you have to choose over being nagged by your family or being loved by your girlfriend. Good luck :)
  • That depends on what your family is like. Do they have your best interests at heart, or are they actually the controlling and manipulative ones? Some parents are jealous of their child's bond with a new significant other or spouse, so they try to undermine the budding relationship with criticisms of the boyfriend/girlfriend. Trust your instincts. If your girlfriend hasn't done anything controlling, such as trying to isolate you from your friends or keep you from going out, then don't worry about what your parents think. At some point, you have to make decisions about your own life. That doesn't mean to disregard advice from others, but you will have to discern good advice from bad or inapplicable advice.
  • let them think whatever they want, just prove them wrong

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