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  • The first thing that came to my mind was do you have visible dental problems. If you do, not many people want to stick something susceptible to many different ailments into a place which is unsanitary. If this is not the case, are you "hitting" on them after just a short amount of time. Maybe they are taken aback by your forwardness and need time to think things over. Last thought is, are you the Sears catalogue type or someone who gets hired to scare little children on Halloween? You asked your questions without much information. Just seeking the truth. Come back at me.
  • im straight and i do find the vision of what you desire totally a nightmare for me but i would still love to help you out.. there is money... it all depends on how you slowly you lure him...after all you dont ask him straightforward like have to engage in a conversation like friends then you make him curious..make him feel secured that no ones to know and the fact that its not going to hurt
  • Short answer. Try developing a loving relationship with someone - and THEN worry about what kind of sex you will have. It is not impossible to have casual sex, but it gets easier to have sex when you know and trust the person you are with. Gosh knows I have done it both ways, and the best, the most romantic or wildest sex I have ever had was with an s/o.

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