• Nope, don't screw your creditors--try to work out payment arrangements with them which will not eat up the entire winnings, then pay off your friends on equal percentages so that they will know you are not blowing them off....
  • im in college, so i kinda need the credit for a house and stuff lol
  • It would be the creditors; I never borrow money from my friends. However, if on the off-hand chance I did; I would pay most of it to friends and some to hold off the creditors while attempting to make arrangements with the creditors to pay them off as I could afford.
  • I would use half the amount to repay the creditors and the remaining half to repay the friends. For the balance money both groups must wait till I have more money and inclination.
  • 1/2 and 1/2.
  • Pay the creditors. Odds are the borrowed money from friends was because of excessive debts in the first place. If I pay my friends, then I'm STILL where I was before and may end up borrowing again. Better to pay the debt, which charges interest, removing any potential need to borrow from friends again: this also frees up my finances to pay my friends, who charge NO interest.
  • hmm any other day i would say none and just keep it to myself, but today just dont look to be one of them days, i would say friends cause im in more debt than that righ now so it wont change anything for it to sit longer LOL plussss i love my friends :)
  • i dont have credit debt +5
  • Friends first Mensan :)
  • I would discuss it with my friend. If they were well off and were not in a hurry, then fine, I would pay the creditors. Friend would be first as you can't just go out and buy a new one. Besides, you can work on reestablishing your credit rating. I believe after 7 years that particular complaint is removed.
  • I agree with you, friends would get my money as they were good enough to lend it to me and are individual people rather than a huge company that charges 30%APR, the creditors can accept minimum payment. +4
  • if you owe 5,000 to creditors..they will be happy with a partial payment for now...put aside 1/2 call your creditors and work out payments (do not give the the entire amount at one times..they are like bats and will suck you dry if you let them)..then give the other half to your friends..both will be happy (if they are real friends) because both your friends and your creditors will see an honest effort to payback your debt

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