• I know that it sounds hard but try not to focus on the times that you were using. Try reading a book or watching television.
  • I don't think I have a good answer but you should not waste the past 8 mos of your life just for a short burst of fun tonight. You will most CERTAINLY regret it tomorrow. Be strong, my friend! You CAN do this.
  • Eight months!
  • With 8 months behind you, you're through the worst. Now as you experience difficult times, remind yourself that you a wonderful person who deserves the best, and the best is drug free. Congratulations on making it 8 months. +5
  • you can do it lucy! only a strong brave person could survive 8 months and you did~ you can survive tonight.
  • yay! you can do it! Do you have a kitty?! You need a kitty!
  • you have come so far, dnt giv up now BE STRONG!!
  • lucy hon do you have any meetings going on around your area tonight ? to break an addiction is hard but for the most part if you can get your mind off of it for awhile it fades away ..+5
  • call your sponsor. or even the police. they want to help.
  • You should be incredibly proud of yourself. That's such a great accomplishment! Hang in there. This time will pass and you'll marvel at your strength in getting through it. Here, let me give you a hug:
  • Congratulationa on being clean for 8 months! As you know making it through a day clean is a gift that not everyone that is addicted gets. Don't try looking at trying to get through the whole night at once, take it minute by minute, or second by second if you need to. Also try to remember that what you are feeling is just that, a feeling, and they pass. If you get overwhelmed by it, play the tape through and remember your last day using because you know it only gets worse and you don't want to go back. Please take it from someone with experience. If you need to talk my email is on my profile. I wish you the best, not lucj because it was your hard work that got you into recovery.
  • We all know it's the right thing to do although it's hard. You've been doing a wonderful job for more than half a year. Though you don't mean to show us how tough and strong you've been and how much you want a new bright life, we could all feel it. It's important for you to know somewhere in the world there's someone who cares for you ALWAYS. Good luck we know you can MAKE it :D
  • Jehovah is near to those that are broken at heart; And those who are crushed in spirit he saves Psalms 34:18
  • What drugs did you take?
  • you'r gonna make me cry. my puppy/baby just died. long story, but it happened for a reason and god knew what would have to happen and he sent me a kitty right before it happened i named her annabelle and ironicly i discovered it means "gift of god's favor"
  • Annabelle
  • Congratulations for being clean for 8 months. I don't know if you went through recovery before or not, but the recovery process is not something that ends after 12 months, and your are not safe even after 2 years. You will get urges many times, even well in the future, to return to your old ways. First of all, take a moment to think about what will happen to you if you do give in to your urges. Do you really want to end up back there again? Keep this in mind, then find someone to both help you and take you mind off your urges. Go to a meeting or visit a sponsor, there is probably at least one source of help available to you. Try to focus your thoughts on something else. If it gets really bad and you feel like you're going to cave in, contact a cop or a priest and ask them if they know someone who could help get you through this. Most experienced cops and priests know compassionate people, many with recovery experience, that are available to help, and they can make the contact for you and deliver you into their hands. Good luck, and contact me again if this doesn't eventually pass or if it comes up again.
  • Every day is a struggle and you have made it this long... Congrats!!! Just be strong and keep it up. One thing that helps me when I have the urge is I make sure to meet up a friend or family so I won't be alone and do something stupid.. Also stay away from people who have or do drugs..I have deleted their numbers
  • Well, I don't know how to help you tonight. Submerge yourself into a new addiction, go to a big brothers/big sisters or something like that in the community. You could be an inspiration to teens that are being peer pressured into things that you have went thru and since you have went thru it, they will be more open to you. Most of the time they think nobody has been in their shoes and nobody understands, but you do and they'll respect you for that! Keep it up! Good job and good luck!
  • Would you willingly surrender yourself to slavery? I do not think so. Having said that, what would be the difference?
  • Anything that is worth going to take some real effort to achieve. You, the life you want to create is assuredly worth EVERY EFFORT. There is only one difference between a Winner and a Looser. The Looser QUITS. The Winner accepts that there will probably be some hills to climb. They accept that some days will be harder than others. They accept that staying the course that will lead to their ultimate success is the BEST AND ONLY REAL WAY to get where they want to be... Since Drug addiction is a total dead end...often literally... I think we can both agree that you have set yourself one of the most fantastic goals a person can haven't just set your sights on something fleeting, or wimpy here. You have chosen to take control and RECREATE YOUR LIFE! This is huge! It will allow you EVERY possible choice in the future to become WHAT EVER you choose to be...without LIMITS... as long as you STAY THE COURSE NOW... After THIS adventure has been conquered by you...NOTHING will ever stop you again, you are building endurance and "muscles" that will stand up to any challenge that threatens your future goals! You are becoming a force to be reckoned with, a person of POWER, who will go on to not only create the joy in your own life that you have earned and deserve, but also to create opportunities for those who you come into even casual contact with to learn from, and influence for positive life changes and encouragement...THIS IS HUGE! Obviously you are destined to become a WINNER... NEVER GIVE UP.
  • If your having a hard time staying away from drugs like opiates try out the suboxone program but in the meantime try to surround yourself with people that don;t do drugs and go to narcotics anonynous meetings.
  • well all i gotta say Fuck speed,Smoke weed^_^

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