• The government. The militia groups are mad . . . about something . . .or other. They are not mad about the right things and they are not mad at the right people. They are misinformed and dangerous in an idiotic sort of way. Even if they were mad at the right people they still are going about it the wrong way.
  • the whites
  • My country. And the militias aren't.
  • Whoever has my best interests in mind, I will follow. I'm very patriotic, so if they're for the Constitution and not the government then I'm joining them. Someone once said to me, "Well what if your family and friends join the government?" I said: "Then they better not get in my way."
  • The freely-elected and legitimate government of the United States of America. Period.
  • maybe, If it wasn't for the mintue men we would not be the USA today,, ,, oddly I see the same topics popping up then the TEA Tax Now the Soda Pop Tax just makes me wonder thou
  • I don't know what news your watching. I haven't seen any stories about militia groups in eons. They're not news anymore.
  • I'm not for sure who you are talking about as I've not seen any such groups mentioned on CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC and I watch them all .... However; it would depend on what their platform was about as to whose side I'd be on ... +5
  • I would not support an armed rebellion at this time. These ultra right wing groups who want to impose Biblical rule on this country are as dangerous to freedom, peace and tranquility and the future of this country as the Taliban. oh, I just love those people who say they would support the Constitution. This is code among many ultra right wingers who purport to be constitutional originalist for their anti-government sentiments. They are little different from bullies through-out the world who wish to impose their view of what government and society should be and clearly care little for the country or the rule of law.
  • Rebellion????????against what?????? That's crazy. I stand with America.
  • This is old news that just keeps repeating itself. The only group I might consider supporting is the Texas tendency to seccede from the "Union" which I think might actually be a good idea. I'd just want them to coordinate it with rapture and the whole thing would be a delight to behold. I wonder if you could see it from Denmark.
  • There's a gun show next weekend, need to go and stock up for the new revolution, it's coming. I don't want to live in the new USSR. "United States Socialist Republic" You all know who I'll side with. The People!!! We The People Of The United States of America!! I am not associated with any militias and I stay away from those radical kooks. Us traditionalists have our own way of getting things done. :-D
  • The rebellion will be one in keeping with the Constitution. There is no need at this point to even consider the possibility that the tree of liberty might need to be watered. Please, everybody relax.
  • The ones that don't have a religious doctrine.
  • Militia groups are comprised of people who are armed with guns that are loaded...they are unhappy and angry..they believe in conspiracies and other theories with which I cannot relate. Therefore, they scare the bejesus out of me and I would not support the scary harry's who are angry as he** and carrying loaded guns! Happy Monday! :)
  • Ditto Moongrim & xhepera (I can't say it any better).
  • It would depend on the circumstances and the manner in which they did business.
  • I would support the democratically elected government. The people have spoken. That is how a democracy works. If I don't like the leaders, I can vote them out, as opposed to engaging in violence, just to make myself feel like more of a man. Ballots, not bullets.
  • This sounds like some kind of underground movement with an agenda of their own. I sure don't see any of these "rebels" marching with protest signs en mass anywhere in the U.S. I also assume they have been active for a while waiting for a moment. Believing now might be good time due to so many people unhappy with Obama's Health Care reform. Perhaps thinking they can recruit people to their side. Well they can just slink back into the darkness because they have been listening to themselves for too long. American's are not gonna put up with their crap. Too many have sacrificed the ultimate for this country and a bunch of armed idiots are not going to get away with whatever they are trying to do to undermine America.

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