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  • I read about women like you all the time. My question is where are all these women with high sex drive?
  • The problem is that when men are like that, it's usually very noticable ... with women, they tend to keep it a secret and only share it with a select few
  • I'm sure I would love a woman who was horny all the time. Unfortunately as high as my sex drive is, it's frustrating that I meet women who don't just have a lower sex drive than me, but more like they barely even like sex! I don't know why I always seem to meet those women. Yet all of my friends seem to get these women who they can't keep off of them! It just kills me sometimes. They tell me stuff sometimes and i'm just like, "Man I hate you!" Meeting women who love sex all the time just never happens to me. I don't know why. I just never luck out like that. I swear just once I would love to meet a clinically diagnosed nympho who doesn't take medication or go to therapy for her illness. All she wants me to do is just shut up and bang her. That would be the life!
  • 1.) Yes! 2.) Yes!!!

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