• she is afraid you might tell her about hell... ooooo....
  • JW exhibit some definite cult-like behavior. Ask to compare their Bible with yours. There are subtle differences in the NT that undermine the deity of Christ.
  • Tell her that this is a study class with exchange ideas and communication. If she is so worried that her opinions will be changed, she is not that secure in her religion. This is the reason Jehova's Witnesses turn so many people off. Here is a way to embrace all religions, look for the core truth in each one and find the one that fits your beliefs. If you are narrow minded and terrified of change, go Jehova's Witness. If you are openminded, try thinking about the fact that there have been billions of people on this planet and maybe God is everyone, everywhere and comes in all forms. Truth is truth. Religion is dogma.
  • JW's interpretation of the Bible is very much different from that of the main-stream denominations. +5
  • To look at it from another perspective, if you were being taught Chinese by this person, you would not expect her to learn Turkish in order to reciprocate. You could suggest that she brings less or no further literature.
  • Why bother to read something you have absolutely no interest in reading?
  • This is the major problem with organized religions. They talk about keeping the mind open to research the truth but are very closed minded to honest studies. They feel they have already gotten the answers they need to believe in and anything that leads them away is misleading, false and meant to be a temptation from evil. I have yet to met anyone who believes in organized religion that does not believe they are the only door to God and everyone else is wrong. There is a reason why there are many religions it is because we were designed differently and we will all see things from a different perspective. From studying several religions I have found that they are all basically the same with only one difference and that is the rules they bestow on their members.
  • Is your literature based on the Bible? I am happy you are studying the Bible. When I heard months ago none of your friends could help you after your surgery, I thought your friends were selfish and absent during your time of need. Jehovah's people look out for each other and their neighbors. An old widow who was admitted into a local nursing home this week for care was so overcome with joy when 8 members of the congregation came to visit her that the nurse came running when she closed her eyes and didn't move. She was so overcome with emotion that she needed to relax and compose herself.
  • Ah, how very befitting! One religious nut shoving her religion crap down the throat of another religious nut. Who says there is no god? ROFL!
  • JWs, like many sects, are very defensive. They have constructed a cozy, self-contained structure of beliefs. As long as that structure is not endangered they are happy. Outside knowledge endangers the structure on which they have built their happiness. It is cruel to endanger their happiness unless they are a direct threat to you. On the other hand, you can have no reasonable discussion unless you both can present your points equally. I suggest, therefore, that you find other companions for your Bible Study.
  • "People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them." ~Dave Barry,  
  • Many religions (not just Jehovah's Witnesses) have their own printed literature. - Most religions with (their own literature) feel such writings to be "study aids" = They often have complex doctrines which they are attempting to promote that with the bible alone they often find difficult to teach. - I firmly believe that the bible is/should be the only tool a Christian uses to teach with. (Deut 12:32) - A teacher should know the Word of God well enough to teach with just the Bible alone. If something else is used to teach with, the interpetations of imperfect humans can mislead many
  • Then ask her what publication she would accept other than the watchtower. that there were hundreds of publications out there that would not be against her religion?? that you could search those publications for similar articles.
  • I have started to have a Bible study now, and what I am learning is wonderful. I have been interested in the Bible for a long time but just could not understand most of it. The Witnesses explain the Bible by using other Bible texts and not their own view. Give it a go suckers.
  • I don't think they have ever been accused of being open minded.
  • Have you asked her? I would remain open minded even if you dont think she is and ensure you study what you feel is appropriate. It maybe worthwhile considering the teachings. For example throughout the scriptures present the gospel and support the "truth". Sometimes it does get confusing though when people who have the same faith beleive different things wierd when they base it on the same book.
  • You are not "studying the Bible" you are being guided into a cult which is not mainstream Christianity. Do some homework on this bunch..take some time off from Bible study and you will be better off. You might even be in better company attending scientology meetings..their sailor uniforms are snappy. are being brainwashed!
  • When I studied the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses,it was because I was searching for the truth and I wanted to know what they taught to see if it lined up with what the Bible really teaches..What is your reason for studying with them?
  • the Watchtower literature constantly promotes what the Bible says...What [?] does your literature promote...I would guess it is the philosophical ideas of the author...And have your study conductor read my answer and see if i am not right. Ideas of men cannot match God's word to us... J.W's in their studies will often use OTHER translations to show the context of scriptures... show the separation of God's NAME and TITLE... (Exodus 6:3) And I used to appear to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty, but as respects my name Jehovah I did not make myself known to them. This scripture remains the same in BOTH the NWT and the KJV...Check it out on BIBLEGATEWAY.COM
  • Sadly, closed-mindedness is a typically Christian trait... & the more extreme the branch of that religion, the more closed minded people tend to be. I believe the roots of this are historical & to do with maintaining authority & social control.
  • Debodun...You say you are studying with Jehovah's Witnesses and are also reading "Thirty Years a Watchtower Slave." Let me ask you this: If you were living in the first century...and lets say that Jesus or one of his apostles was studying the Bible with you. If you had questions, would you have gone to Judas Iscariot for answers? Would you really have accepted as unbiased what a disgruntled apostate had to say? If no...Why would you do so now?
  • Curiosity is the most serious challenge to "faith".
  • Depends on the individual, the material presented, and HOW the material is presented. What sort of material are you presenting? And, is it bible-based? I know I've been given a book "What's with the dudes at my door." It's a book directed at children about the dangers of cults, and how JWs use a different bible and don't believe in Jesus. ... needless to say, I was a bit offended at the accusations. However, you have a good point... if you want a -bible- study, tell them that you'd prefer to directly study the bible. Unless they want to read your publications, you'd prefer to not read their publications. Nothing's wrong with that. Our publications are intended to just get you to read your bible anyway. If the person you're studying with is putting a greater emphasis on the WBTS publication than the bible... he (or she) is doing it wrong anyway. In the end, the whole point is to help people draw close to God. If this person is helping you spiritually... good. Keep going! If it feels like they may cause you to spiritually stumble... let them know, and study with someone else!
  • Jehovah's Witnesses are subject to punishment from their elders if they are found out to have read "apostate" literature (basically anything that puts their doctrines in danger of being disproved). If they really allowed their followers to read disagreeing literature, many of them would realize that they are being misled. Definetely read "Crisis of Conscience" by Raymond Franz, as he really delves into this issue. He was a part of the Watchtower Society's governing body for 9 years. His book is of course considered "apostate", so Witnesses cannot read his insight. But it's a great book.
  • Close minded? No, cautious, yes.   Many times people who are not sincere, merely present information that is meant as an attack rather than truly and sincerely in hopes of seeking the truth.   Usually, this is easily discernible by what the person presents and from where it is from.   Granted, at times, a sincere person does bring forth information from apostate sites. But the fact that a person is sincere and that the question actually has a bearing on doctrinal matters has not the case in my experience.   Usually it is a fallacy of some type, Ad Hom, straw man, non sequitir or a great mixture of all of the above and then some. :D   Usually an apostate web site or some disgruntled JW who makes up lies about his former brothers relies on these type of attacks in hopes that the truth seeker will be stumbled.   But if you read between the lines, all that is being done is attacking and not countering any points with relevant information.   For example, to look at the history of the Catholic Church and therefore conclude solely on its history that all its doctrine must be incorrect would not be logical.   Supposing Galileo wrote a book on what happened to him at the hands of the Church, would that be a way to determine the Churches validity on the immortality of the soul or infant baptisms, purgatory, celibacy or any other Catholic doctrine?   No, it would not. At times Church history is relevant. However, the most logical way to determine if a doctrine is in line with scriptural truths would be to examine the doctrine in question in the light of the scriptures.   Anything less would be misleading and would miss the point that Paul made under inspiration.   2 Timothy 3:16,17 "16All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."  
    • Nick culloden
      This is so true. As a witness I went to a Baptist church my entire life and never learned Jehovah’s name until I was 22 years old. Both my parents are preachers in church and my household never spoke his name. When I asked questions about the Bible such as, why will the meek inherit the earth? (Ps. 37:11) Or, happy are the mild tempered since they will inherit the earth? (Matt 5:5) I was told that some things weren’t meant to be interpreted. The scriptures are clear and tell the truth (if you believe in them). I for one have been to church and have been lied to before. If literature is not based on the Bible it is not worth the read. All of the magazines and publications that we give to interested ones is based on the Bible and has cited scriptures to prove it. Stay safe during these troubled times and for more information on this subject feel free to visit jworg
  • Being closed minded is an individual choice.
  • JWs are not allowed to read anything outside what their church gives them to read. Your best bet is to no longer accept anything from them and refuse to continue further conversation with them.
  • Because they all got molested by their jehovas witness parents and it made them paranoid
  • It's actually a religious rule that they are required to follow. The reasons for the rule is obvious. (The leadership doesn't want their adherents being swayed and possibly "converted" by alternate sects, and the leadership doesn't want adherents to have any reason to doubt the doctrines that are being "pronounced from on high" by the leadership.)
  • The object of a Bible study is to learn to obey Jesus Christ and to worship almighty god Jehovah. The object of a Bible study is not to find ways not to obey the Great commission and to speak about Jehovah. When you introduce other literature into the Bible study are you doing so to better fulfill the Great commission are you trying to get out in the field service and start knocking on doors sooner. Or are you looking to delay the process as much as your humanly can. That's what this boils down to friend if you know something better than what Jehovah's witnesses know. What's keeping you from knocking on the doors telling people about Jehovah God and about Jesus Christ? Honestly that is what Jesus Christ told people to do go therefore and Make disciples of people of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy Spirit and teach them to do what I said to do! Let's stop jabbing each other with our Christian swords. Seriously if any one of you out there thinks they know something more than me or some Jehovah's witness or some missionary. You don't need to stand there instead me with a sword. Instead demonstrate to the whole world that you know more than me by going out and starting preaching knock on some doors show everybody! That's how you do Christian warfare friends.
  • If you're having a Bible study with Jehovah's witnesses don't bring publications from another religion. Instead open up their Bible and read from their Bible and ask questions from their Bible if you want answers. Jehovah's witnesses do not believe in using the publications of religions that don't exercise on a regular basis the Great commission. That's pretty sound principle if you're a Christian you prove that you're a Christian by doing what a Christian does you go out and you obey the Great commission and if you're not doing that I don't want to read your literature because your literature hasn't prompted you to obey the Great commission. If you want to show me something show me your example by obeying the Great commission and studying from the Bible I can't possibly object with that but if you show me literature from some religious organization that isn't actively involved in the preaching of God's word like the Great commission says. I really don't want to see it it just doesn't have any value if it doesn't prompt me to obey Jesus Christ and preach the Great commission I'm afraid of that literature!

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