• Tell him that you've thought it over and it would just be more convenient. He'll understand - he'll have to, you're an adult now. He knows that. You might want to consider telling your mother as well, I'm sure she'd like to talk to you about it.
  • You havent said why you want to move out. It may or may not be a mature well thougth out reason. So, why do you want to move on with your boyfriends parents? Does boyfriend still live with them too?
  • There is no mature way to approach this with your dad because it is a very immature idea. If you really were mature, you wouldn't want to sponge off some other adults. You would support yourself. Then you could move to your own place and do what you want. And I can pretty much guarantee that when you really do grow up, you will be sorry that you made such a stupid decision.
  • Thanks..i just dont want him to say not to come around the family anymore or freak out...he is short fused
  • I plan on telling my dad...i dont turn 18 til april 13....i was going to tell him pretty directly i just needed help in talking to stepmom already knows about it to
  • Good luck. He might freak out, there might not be a way to tell him that won't lead to that. It doesn't sound like you have any better reason than to get out from under his thumb - that could be hard for him to swallow. I would try to remember that you're his daughter forever. Try to leave doors open between you and him, so that this doesn't become a cut-off point. Give him phone numbers and addresses and tell him that you still want to be part of the family. He'll probably be angry at first (sounds like), but he'll probably get over it with time. Leave your room clean when you go, like a mature adult, have a way to pay your share of the bills, like a mature adult. Are you planning to go to college? Do you have a (mature adult) way to pay for that? 18 is really young, do you have all the mature adult eggs in a basket? Or is it just more fun at the BF's house? You could be making the wrong move. Would your Dad consider easing up on some rules. If you're throwing away college - you are being childish and immature. Good luck - I left home early for the same reason - put off college for a few years, and never did get as far as I know I could have.
  • You have no idea what a bad move this is. There was a time when couples were forced to move in with in-laws.. it was always a disaster. Very short term might be okay. But these things have to be planned properly. If you can't get along with the people who love you, what do you think it’s going to be like living with virtual strangers. Are you prepared to do chores and help with housework because you will be expected to do that. There won't really be much difference from living with them or living at home. If you manage to prove me wrong, pop in and let us know how it's going.
  • My boyfriends parents are great...they are the one that brought up the idea of me moving in....I didnt plan on giving them the shaft because i am moving in....they have expectations and I think that is fine.....I plan on helping out as much as i can...i clean at home why not at another home....

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