• Not sure if you should do that OR think about changing her diet.
  • Maybe she needs to do that much poo??
  • lol... NO!... she is marking where she has been and its natural for her to do it. How would you like to be told your only allowed one crap, just remember to take a few bags with you to pick it up ... you do pick it up don't you?
  • You're being rather unrealistic. If you give her just one poop during the walk, the other three will be on the carpet after you get home. You have a dog which has it's needs. You need to conform to Mother Nature. Mother Nature isn't going to conform to your power walk.
  • Does she fetch? I don't like picking up my dog's dookie, so that's why I play fetch with her before walks, so she'll dook first. I think it's the exercise and the moving around that makes our dogs want to go, huh?
  • Please don't limit your dog. She's been waiting all night to relieve herself. Think how uncomfortable you would be if someone said you could only go once a day? If you limit her, she will get very ill and than you'll have a real problem on your hands. It sounds like you are impatient with her. Are you running late for work/school? Please - Let her body function naturally, please.
  • Tell her that if she poops more than once, she's cleaning it up herself.
  • Forget training her as you are the one that needs to teach yourself to wait until she's done and let her go as much as she needs to go. If you want your dog to poop less, then place her on an all natural diet of raw meaty bones. Then she won't need to poop so often and they will also be very small and with hardly a smell to bother with. They will also be chalky and dry up in a day or so.
  • Why would you want to stop her from pooping? My dog does the same thing. As long as he is doing it on our walks and not in my home it should be a good thing. Thats what the dog walks are for. I think you need to train yourself in dog behavior. Or dont have a dog if you do not know dogs poop alot.
  • To me that sounds like you're feeding her bad food. If you're buying cheap dogfood, stop. None of the fillers in the current food are being processed and it's all coming out instead of being used for nourishment. If you buy good dogfood and the dog still craps a lot, then the dog just craps a lot in the morning.

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