• Yes. Particularly when you realize that many of them out there change locations, and you remember seeing them for years.
  • my friend missed his flight to catch the plane home and had ran out of cash so he protened to be a homeless hobo and it WORKED:P he got home!
  • when i give money to the homeless, i try not to think that, i hope im giving them money they actually need, but who knows
  • I know for a fact that some do. This girl here in Las Vegas (no, the one in Nevada) panhandles all day long, and sometimes gets as much as $250/day, then, when no one is looking, she sneaks back to her luxury home, located under a beautifully appointed freeway overpass. +5
  • Many people here do that! lol
  • yes,many people just disguise themselves as homeless people to get ireland it`s illegal to beg for money.+5
  • I gotta tell you, I've been giving the idea of trying it out for a day some thought.
  • Yeah, there's lots in Piccadilly Circus, who smear mud on their faces!
  • Last year they caught a guy locally, who was "Claiming" to be "Homeless" .... Apparently; he lived in a nice UPSCALE home worth over $150,000 and drove a NEW Ford Explorer .... He claimed to make up to $300 a day by begging ... and it was all TAX FREE !! So; I refuse to give to beggars etc ; instead .. I donate to the Homeless Shelters ... etc .
  • yes Once there was this man who had beg for spare change around the ballpark in Detroit. He had revecied help form the goverment (ss,medicade, food stamps) has a very nice apartment and so on.
  • Yes i do, my parents use to see this guy everyday beg for money and one day they caught him he stripped his homeless clothes off had a three piece suit on underneath and jumped into a mercedes.
  • Yes, but only some of them because they are drug addicts, so they have to be creative in order to pay for the drugs they need. But remember, homelessness is real for many decent people that are not faking anything.
  • You're smearing the majority of beggars by implying that all or most of them are "faking" it. We REALLY DO HAVE HOMELESS PEOPLE. It's ridiculous to hint that homeless people actually have homes, and they're "faking it." If beggars could make enough money to pay a monthly mortgage bill + food, clothing, medical bills, car payment, insurance, etc, THEN WE'D ALL BE OUT THERE BEGGING! Everyone has a story about "this guy they know" who faked being homeless just so he could stand on a corner with a cardboard sign and get rich. Bullshit! What makes people so gullible?  
  • 6-12-2017 One part of homelessness that you don't hear much about is the chance of waking up dead. It's not a certainty, but there are some people who will kill someone just because he can't fight back. And even if there are no problems at all for a pretender, he still gets a deep suntan standing outside all day.
  • I know some do. I was in a homeless shelter for two years while I waited for my disability case to go to court. I know many many homeless people who you would never know are homeless, and would break every stereotype you've ever heard about homeless people. I've also met a lot that might actually meet every stereotype you've ever heard about homeless people. Don't judge. You don't know what they may have been through. And some of them have been through more than you could ever imagine! And even if you think it couldn't happen to you it can. Be thankful.
  • i think its possible
  • i think thats possible
  • extra cash? do you mean standing on the corner in the heat, rain and snow to get a few dollars? It would be easier just to get a job.
  • Sure. Some do. But I bet it's very few
  • some might but that dont mean they all do that
  • some might but not all of them

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