• It is a matter of fact that the Earth is getting warmer. What is NOT a matter of fact is that it is anthropogenic - man-made. It may be. It also may not be. . The projected wins in the Kyoto protocols were in the neighborhood of .03% of a Fahrenheit degree over the course of 100 years. But of course most nations who signed it failed to make the reductions in green-house gas emissions they promised. And these 'wins' would have been very expensive.
  • 5-14-2017 If you study a bit of American history, you find that the Potomac River froze so hard that revolutionary soldiers could ROLL their cannons across it. It was called "the year without a summer." The USA has had bumper crop after bumper crop since 1940, and everybody knows it is because of warm weather, not fertilizers or clever equipment. So USA warming has been a well known fact for 240 years. Astronomers have noticed that every planet in the system is warmer than it used to be, so that pretty much disproves any notion about it being man made somehow.
  • I believe in seasons and weather. I'm not worried about global warming I'm concerned about the ice age that usually follows the warming because of the salt levels in the oceans it's a cycle.
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    • Linda Joy
      Neither of us will be here then. It's a long ways away!
  • It is no longer called global warming. This is because as the planet heats up it actually causes more cloud cover through evapotranspiration and is colder and wetter. So it is now called climate change. It is not a belief, it is based on repeatable scientific measurement. The planet is slightly warmer at the moment with higher CO2 levels. But the significance of this is only important to man, because the planet has been a lot hotter and cooler throughout it history. Therefore you have to question the people that talk about climate on whether they are really publishing this for the welfare of the Earth itself, or for their own commercial gain??
  • yes cause it seems to get warmer every winter
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  • An unnatural weather change, likewise alluded to as environmental change, is the watched century-scale ascend in the normal temperature of the Earth's atmosphere framework. For details visit
  • * Global warming” refers to an overall increase in temperature in earth’s atmosphere and oceans. ** Possible Consequences of Global Warming What, then, has been the apparent result of the buildup of man-made greenhouse gases? Most scientists now agree that the earth has indeed heated up. Just how dramatic has this temperature rise been? The 2001 IPCC report says: “Global surface temperatures have increased between 0.4 and 0.8°C since the late 19th century.” Many researchers believe that this small rise could account for the dramatic changes in our weather. Admittedly, the earth’s weather system is astonishingly complex, and scientists cannot state with certainty what—if any—the effects of global warming are. However, many believe that as a result of global warming, there has been increased rainfall in the Northern Hemisphere, drought in Asia and Africa, and escalating El Niño events in the Pacific. *** An article in Scientific American raised this intriguing question. It predicted that global warming “will expand the incidence and distribution of many serious medical disorders.” For example, in some places “the number of deaths related to heat waves is projected to double by 2020.” Less obvious is the role global warming could play in infectious disease. “Mosquito-borne disorders are projected to become increasingly prevalent,” since mosquitoes “proliferate faster and bite more as the air becomes warmer. . . . As whole areas heat up, then, mosquitoes could expand into formerly forbidden territories, bringing illness with them.” Finally, there are the effects of flood and drought—both of which can result in polluted water supplies. Clearly, the threat of global warming must be taken seriously. **** “A World Government” The only way to combat the greenhouse effect and other emerging environmental disasters is a world government, says Dr. Kenneth Hare, renowned geographer and climate-change expert. Humanity is mounting a deadly assault on nature, Hare warned. The planet is threatened not just by a nuclear holocaust “but by ecological misuse,” reports the Calgary Herald, a Canadian newspaper. Hare claims that three billion tons of carbon are spewed into the atmosphere annually by automobile exhausts and industrial smokestacks. Computer studies show that even with moderate economic growth, carbon-dioxide levels would double by the year 2075. “We’ve created a global problem,” and without regulation of the environment on a global scale, “we’ll be in trouble,” said Hare. What Dr. Hare recommends is indeed logical. Still, can man ever hope to establish a global government that would be able to do such things as regulate economic growth, develop nonpolluting energy sources, and convince humankind to embark on a program of worldwide environmental care? Hardly! God’s Word clearly says: “To earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.” (Jeremiah 10:23) However, this does belong in the hands of God. As the “Prince of Peace,” his Son, Jesus Christ, will administer a world government that will rule in justice and righteousness. Under his heavenly rulership, mankind will not imperil the environment.—Isaiah 9:6, 7; 11:9; Daniel 2:44.
  • I believe the extremes we've seen in the weather are another feature of the composite sign that Jesus gave identifying the last days of this system of things.
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      99.54% of us in Japan do not believe in Jesus Christ.
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  • Global Warming has been discarded. It became Global Climate Variation and then Climate Change. I do not trust any idea that changes its name so often. Climate varies, but scammers use it to swindle much money.
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      The name changed because it didn't fit into the narrative they were pushing at the time.
  • Hell yes. Al Gore says it's true!
    • Venus1485
      Al Gore is a notorious liar and unprincipled hustler.

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