• not sure
    • Linda Joy
      If I remember correctly I read somewhere that a mini Ice Age follows the heat cycle so don't sell your parkas just yet!
    • Archie Bunker
      We're actually at the end of an ice age.
  • 8-28-2017 That depends on what you are talking about. There is a cycle of temperatures, there is a cycle of seasons, there is some poorly understood human effect on the cycles, and there is the political squabble, all known by the same name.
  • The global cooling emergency and Al Gore will make another movie.
  • Who knows? Older people recall when the doomsayers were claiming another Ice Age was imminent. There are preachers of impending doom throughout history. Al Gore's predictions were quite wrong, as usual for doomsayers.
  • Either global cooling or global lukewarming, probably. :) Seriously, though, global climatology is a very complex branch of science with a lot of chaotic veriables, so predicting trends more than a few decades in advance is really difficult.

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