• They know a man that can play an instrument is good with his hands. :)
  • Because it's unique to them when you look at the pool of men already. It's new and different to them. Women always want the special guy that every woman wants.
  • Its all about the brains........ Not the brawn.
  • 'cause any jerk-off can mow the lawn. Music is an art. And if someone is artistic it suggests that they are soulful. I think it's the soul that is attracted to art.
  • Music is so romantic. I always wanted a guy who could play an instrument. but I have a guy who mows the lawn and I know I am way better off :) And I love him SO mcuh
  • No, not true! I go crazy over a man who can slide across the floor on his knees with a top hat in his hand.
  • my missus goes crazy when i DONT mow the lawn
  • Music to humans is about emotions. people who play an instrument, are talented and have very strong emotions. These emotions are felt in their music. Cutting grass is a smelly job and only offers a good-looking lawn. No emotions in body odor.
  • Now if you could find a guy that can do both at the same time........
  • I've always been attracted to musicians and have been around them all my life. I guess it's because we speak the same language----since I'm a musician myself.
  • I can only guess, but maybe being good at an instrument shows that they're good with their hands, but also that they stick things out, which would come in handy when it comes to raising children, you can't play the guitar after one lesson, unless that's a 4 year lesson from Eddie Van Halen.
  • One of my all time favorite things to do when I was younger was to sit on the stack amps and listen to my ex sing... Or with another ex, I would love to watch the veins move in his arms when he did guitar scales. I am a musician myself... SO I appreciate a right brained man for their intensity and beauty. But now that Im older... Give me an intellectual! An artistic intellectual... I might just kidnap and keep forever in a little jar with a stick and a leaf?
  • Playing an istrument shows passion, discipline and creativity. Mowing a lawn shows that you can walk behind a machine. Besides, who wants a lawn mower in the house?
  • A musician women perceive as being more romantic which appeals to them. Mowing a lawn is not romantic - it's practical. That appeals to men, not women. What would be nice is a musician that can mow a lawn.
  • Really? I can play FIVE instruments--yet not ONE woman has gone "crazy" about ME!!!! Hmmmm... I wonder if my HUMP has something to do with it??
  • I have a theory about this that I think is plausible (but for which the evidence is incomplete). When humans lived as small tribes (as they did for the first 99% of human existence), they tended to mate within their own tribe (a genetic pool of about 150 people). This degree of inbreeding is not as damaging as most people believe, but it does still require occasional inputs of genetic diversity from elsewhere. To ensure this happens, humans (esp. women) are wired with an attraction to "the other". This ensured that some members of the tribe mated with individuals from outside the tribe, bringing in the necessary genetic diversity. In modern society, we no longer live is clearly defined local tribes. So, this attraction to "the other" is no longer about geography, it's about societal norms. This manifests itself as attraction to 'outsiders' in the social sense. Hence, womens' attraction to "bad boys" and musicians. Someone who diligently mows his lawn is just another 'insider' drone. Someone who diligently practices/plays the guitar is an outlier, making him 'sexy' by definition.
  • lol I can mow the lawn...and play several instruments...and I'm a woman....<grin> I think it's probably the music factor...if he plays well, then it's a pleasure to listen to, and in some cases romantic too.... Mind you what could happen on the nicely mowed grass, on a big soft blanket under the stars...would be just as romantic...but the actual mowing...not so much..<wink>
  • I love balance. Why can't they do both?
  • I don't know. I'm a women and I don't go crazy over guys who can play instruments. Big deal..but I do know where your coming from. I haven't figured it out.
  • I'm a musician so I'm more impressed with the lawn-mowing thing. Usually the girls who 'go crazy' for a guy who can play an instrument don't play one themselves so it seems a lot cooler to them than the reality of it I'm willing to wager that you're talking about one of those guys who can play three cords on an acoustic guitar and think they're God's gift to the music scene. Those guys are poser douchebag asshats.
  • I've only ever dated one guy who played an instrument and I didn't find that out till later on. It was the guitar. I think it is very romantic to be serenaded though and I can understand why some women melt when "their guy" sings or plays the guitar or the piano for them! :)
  • Neither would be the reason that I would go crazy about a man. He would need a lot more personality traits and physical attributes than those.
  • Sentimental value. Most women are feelers.
  • If he can mow the lawn with his shirt off then hell ya id jump right on that too! hah just kidding (maybe)
  • Right! I can do that.... and I can wash up the dishes as well AND I prepare breakfast. I suppose that's why my shweethart loves me and not the guy down the road who plays the bongos, LOL!

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