• i think so, dont know who said it or what the reply was
  • Don't know about the quote but MY answer is that it's the overcoming of fears that permits bravery. You can't be brave unless you have fear to stand up against.
  • Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is doing it anyway.
    • Abha
      That's fine.
  • The definition of brave is to be very scared to do what has to be done but do it anyway.
  • Yes. He must compartmentalize his fear. It takes some practice to do this, but you can learn to live with fear by responding to it with relaxation techniques and not panic.
  • Linda Joy, do you know what you are asking ?
    • Linda Joy
      Yes. I posted a quote asked who said it and what was the reply. Was it confusing for you? Do you need for me to explain further? It's a quote from the book Game of Thrones if that helps.
    • Linda Joy
      What I don't know is what you're asking. Your questions are missing so are all your answers. What's up with that? Does anyone know what you're asking?
    • Linda Joy
      I only just saw the comment on your profile. I have no idea why they put you in The Penalty Box they put me there once during a spam attack and later apologized. I've lost probably a dozen questions to spidering and I don't know why. No, I'm not angry I was just curious. Please don't mistake me for anyone who has any influence on this site! I just ask and answer questions like everyone else, and I've only been here 5 months. And I haven't been here much this past month since I started reading Game of Thrones.
    • Abha
      Heee heee????????????

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