• yes it is cause u invited them over knowing they dont like that program. now if they popped in thats a different ball game.
  • Most DEFINATELY; it is RUDE ! YOU invited them over ... so theya re Your GUEST ... IT is only common courtesy to watch what THEY want to watch , since theya re invited Guest .... NOW: If they just drop in on you ... and you are wathing something they do not care to see .. TOO BAD !
  • I think it's rude. Surely your hospitality can extend to finding a program both of you like- or even, horror of horrors, turning off the television and just talking to each other.
  • Yes, the point of them being there is to spend time with them, be gracious and watch what they want while they are there, they wont be there that long. Nowadays you can watch what you missed on the internet.
  • Yes its rude. Find something you both like to watch (or play cards or something else).
  • You should let your guest watch what they want to watch.
  • I say even turning the television on while you have company that you invited over is a bit rude. This is time you should be wanting to enjoy each others company. Now if the plan was to watch a show together that would be different but if not then no sorry television should not even be an option. To avoid this in the future planning your time spent with each other before you agree to a date would help both of you enjoy the time you do share.
  • 1) I think that if you have a guest, you probably have reached the deepest point in entertaining your guest if you cannot think of anything else to do with them than watching TV. But there are some welcome guests that you will have fun to entertain, and there are the others. 2) There are different kinds of guests. There are those guests that you decided to invite and whom you want to give a nice experience, and there are the guests that you had to invite, but that you did not really want to have at that time for some reason, for example family members that you cannot refuse, or those who stay a little too long, or those who abuse your hospitality and think that you owe them everything and they don't have to be grateful. With the welcomed guests you would mostly have better things to do than watch TV. With the others you could make things clear at the beginning, for instance that you give them a room to sleep and a few other things, but for the rest, you would like to use your house and TV as you would if they were not there, more or less. Like: I have decided to watch my TV program, if you like you can watch it with me. The worst thing to do would not to make things clear at the beginning. An efficient way to make things clear would be to keep the remote. 3) "How to Welcome Overnight Guests Maybe your friends and family are coming into town to stay a few nights or you have a babysitter coming in to spend the night with your kids. Whatever the case, welcoming overnight guests is crucial to them having a peaceful stay. Here's how to welcome overnight guests in your home: [...] Put a TV in the guest bedroom. Overnight guests often like to retire early in the evening so they can relax and watch their favorite shows on TV. There's nothing worse than being held captive in the living room watching a show that drives you nuts" Source and further information: 4) If you don't have a spare TV set for your guest, and you decide to watch TV, it would be nicer to let them choose the program. And once you have decided to watch a particular program together, it would be nicer to let them change the program and choose another program, if they lose interest. However, if for instance they change the canal repeatedly in a way that you find annoying, you could either let watch TV alone and retire in your room to do something else, or propose to do something else with them.
  • Unless you invited them to watch a specific program in the first place, a ball game or a lame but beloved sitcom, you probably should let them watch what they want. . As gtravels pointed out, you would be best off turning the damn thing off. If it truly is must-see TV (and I have no idea what that is) TiVo it.
  • I guess it would be rude. I usually just give my guests the remote by default. I can stand to miss something on tv, it doesn't bother me that much.
  • If I have someone over, it is usually to hang out, so I wouldn't be all about TV. If I am watching a show when they come, then they can sit through it with me, or do something else until it is over.

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