• Both.I love running.I'm a 100mtr Sprinter but due to my bulky upperbody,I loose balance often.Therefore I go for 200 and 400.I clock 23 secs for 200 and 47 for 400.
  • From bed to the phone in the middle of the night, so I guess short distances LoL
  • Short. Very short. LOL I've just started working building endurance.
  • Short ^_^ Not running at all is fine, but if had to choose, it will be short (n_n)
  • lmao...only time I get in a hurry is running, if you call it that, from the recliner to the bathroom! +5
  • short, very short, like couch to fridge
  • Long distance. I get tired of sprinting and I'm not very good at it!! lol I love running a mile or two without stopping. Marathons are fun!! :D
  • usedtocould short distances. High school track. Hurdles was my favorite. I ran cross country too, but it was too long for me. I liked track because I just pretended the cops were after me and ran like the dickens.
  • Short distance,I'm not that much of a runner =)
  • Running short distances... Jogging/shuffling long distances...
  • I'm just getting into running again after a year+ hiatus. It's been hard! I'm aiming for a 5K run at the end of May and that's the longest distance I am willing to entertain. Currently I working on a treadmill until the weather improves.
  • Both. I run short distances when I'm at the track, and long distances when I run a marathon.
    • Linda Joy
      Really? Cuz it doesn't look like you've even got legs! What kind of shoes do you wear?
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Huh? Stop smoking that stuff. Look what it's doing to you. lol
  • Neither! Lol I was not built for speed! Have you ever seen that advertisement for the karate shoe it said some shoes are built for running these are built for those who don't have to. Well... let's just put it this way... We better hope the mission's success doesn't depend on me being able to run!
  • Neither...I would like to be able to run but my legs are too old and out of shape. I do fairly well to walk yet.

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