• He's the President.
  • He wrote the note, but we don't know if she was excused from school, yet, do we?
  • Haha thats awesome!
  • Ha! that would be by far one of the coolest things ever. Teacher can't argue with that one lol
  • Seeing a sitting President of the USA is MUCH more important than attending the last day of school. That's pretty cool, though, to get a note from the Pres, telling WHY you missed, AND having it shown all over the world. There's no way she's gonna get into trouble, is there? LOL
  • if i can write my own note and get excused then this should be no problem!!...+5.
  • I think it's great. There are a ton of adults who comment on politics who haven't the slightest idea how government functions. I bet this child's interest in government my have been sparked by her visit but more importantly I bet all those kids who heard the story of the excuse written by the president became just a little curious too.
  • I think that's great. Not only is he the president but he's also a human being and a father. And I'm sure he meant it as a joke (and probably political gesture - but that goes with the job... everything is a political gesture). But, I have to correct you on one thing. Obama didn't excuse the girl from school, her father made the choice and the excuses.
  • I think the media sometimes gags at a gnat and swallows an elephant!!
  • LOL I would love if that happened to me!
  • I know it's kind of funny but it sucks. He doesn't have any jurisdiction to write that note. He's pretending to be in loco parentis of that child. He's suggesting that what he says somehow trumps the girl's father. It's the fuhrer principle. It's makes me sick to see those people bowing and scraping to him. Everyone treats him like he's Jesus...
  • I personally thought it was kinda cool.. not very presidential - But cool. I wonder how much that note would fetch on Ebay
  • I am absolutely impressed by his multi-tasking skills.
  • Where was he when I was in school? Oh – he is younger than me, LOL
  • Interesting. He heard of a problem coming from an American and took immediate steps to help. Old Bu$hie wouldn't have gotten close enough to a member of the hoi polloi who hadn't been vetted first.
  • I think it was a cool move on his part. It's nice to see anyone do a general kindness, and it's even better when it's someone people look up to. Hopefully this kind of behavior will spread. :)
  • Who cares?

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